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How do you treat a person who has touched poison ivy?

Hey, my dad was gardening outside and accidently brushed his hand against the poison ivy. Is there any treatments we should give him? Thanks.


News update- my dad just washed his hands with hot water (bad idea, i know) and now he has a blister- HELP!!! Oh, and he wants to go to the bathroom, but he's kind of afraid to for reasons i'm not going to type.

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    There is poison oak soap. Your dad needs to bathe in it and tell him not to go wee wee unless your mom holds it for him or he sits down like a girl.

  • Best thing I have found is wash with Dawn dish soap. It is great for removing the oil of poison ivy. If you have already broken out, my uncle says the old time solution is to use jewel weed (better known as wild orchids) that grown around Missouri in the wild.

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    Well, don't have him help you put your bathing suit on first...then, if you want to help him, soak the affected areas in a oatmeal based liquid--it sucks the itch right out.

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    calamine lotion! anti itch cream and rinse with cool water to soothe!

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