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My Keeshond puppy?

He hates going outside! And it is driving me nuts!! He won't go to the bathroom outside (maybe it's the heat) and then he comes in the house and "goes" on the floor! What should I do, I try pulling him the other way, but he just pulls more and heads for the house! I need serious help since he is only 9 weeks and house training needs to happen!

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    If he is only nine weeks old training isn't going to happen for a couple of months. You don't housetrain a nine week old puppy. You just get used to taking him out at times he is likely to go. He can't even hold his bladder yet.

    You should try some puppy pads. If you can get him use to going in the same place, he will go there. Dogs are creatures of habit. But he is too young to hold it until you take him out all the time.

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    Don't count your 'blessings' too soon lol. If you have only just adopted her, chances are she's still finding her feet and so what you see right now, may, once she's more settled, turn out to be far from how she truly is. As long as she's had a health check and nothing significant has been discovered, then just give her time. I'd suggest being new in your house is THE factor!! And how fast she settles with you will depend to some extent on what's gone on in her little life so far. So the more you can find out about that, the easier it should be to work out what's going on with her. Rescued dogs almost always come with what I call 'baggage', some of it good, but some of it not. I'm sure, given time, a regular routine etc. she'll be fine.

  • it seems he's afraid of the outdoors , so you should just take him out and sit with him til he gets use to his suroundings. he'll explore and then pee. As soon as he does his business pick him up and take him back in the house. Praise him as he's peeing too. If you catch him going in the house, yell, NOOOO, and grab him as he is going and throw him out the door. Important that you catch him, after the fact, doesn't work.

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