why tip a hairdresser?

why do we tip hairdressers when they make the mimimum wage if not more? It's not like they make less the minimum wage like the waitresses do.


this information is for amanda m. For your information back in the east waitresses get $2.25 an hour. Which isless the mimimum wage I know this for a fact because my daughter worked for Chili's for over a year.

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    um waitresses dont make less then minimum wage unless they are getting payed under the table. its called minimum wage because its illegal for them to pay you any less.

    also a tip is not to compensate for lack of payment by the employer. a tip is ment as a thankyou for good service. If a waitress is attentive to your needs you tip them. the better service the better tip.

    same goes with a hairdresser. if the hairdresser makes you look fabulous then you should give them a good tip. if they make you look horrible dont bother tipping them

    when ever you recieve a service and you are happy with the outcome you should always tip.

    here are some examples.

    1. if a hotel concierge plan your entire date or event... you should tip them

    2. if a bellman get your luggage to your hotel room safely and in a timely manner... you should tip them

    3. if the pizza delivery boy gets your pizza to your house in a timely mannor and in one peice... you should tip them.

    4. if a shoe shinning boy makes your shoes look almost new... you should tip them

    5. if the valet boy brings your car back in one peice and quickly... you should tip them

    Remeber tips are a thankyou

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    they stand behind you with sharp pointy scisscors and they know if youre too cheap to tip you probably wont pay to get your hair cut fixed if they"make a mistake" I'd gladly pass up $20 for a chance to make someones hair a "little shorter" than they asked for....

    Honestly I think the point is you tip them because you think they did a great job. Not because they "need" the money....


    According to the department of labor. THe minimum wage law is as follows:An employer of a tipped employee is only required to pay $2.13 an hour in direct wages if that amount plus the tips received equals at least the federal minimum wage, the employee retains all tips and the employee customarily and regularly receives more than $30 a month in tips. If an employee's tips combined with the employer's direct wages of at least $2.13 an hour do not equal the federal minimum hourly wage, the employer must make up the difference.

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    If you don't like your hairdresser enough to tip them you should find another one. If you never plan to tip your hairdresser then go find someone who gets paid an insane amount of money so they don't need a tips. Some hairdressers actually have to pay for their stand in the salons and pay rent to just have clients in the salon. If you are not going to be a beneficial client who tips, then I would take walk ins over you too. You also need to communicate with your hairdresser in order to get the hair style you desire, they aren't mind readers. Pictures always help you get the hair style you want from professional hairstylist. The professionals are the ones you want to tip anyway. A good rule of thumb to use, if their hair is fried or looks awful, walk away, walk away.

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    It's a service they are providing to you that most people generally tip for good customer service. Tipping certain professions is usually taught from the parents.

    Do you not tip at the nail salon too? And the taxi cab drivers? And delivery persons? Etc....

    And since when is minimum wage ever enough anyway?

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    It is customary to tip people in service industries to show your appreciation for their assistance and good work, not because they make less than the minimum wage. 15 - 20% is standard for hairdressers, manicurists and spa services, and if a separate person shampoos your hair, a few dollars for her as well. People who carry bags at a grocery store get $1-2 per bag. It is considered unseemly not to tip people in these positions unless a gratuity is already factored into the bill (as it may be in certain spas).

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    Because they're performing a service. If you enjoy it, they deserve a little extra for a job well done. It's a physically demanding job and there's alot on the line. If they do well, they deserve it. Besides, most people can't live on minimum wage (if that's what they're getting, obviously others will be making more than minimum wage)

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    I tip my hairdresser to show my appreciation for the job she did for me. Also, she may have squeezed me in between her next appointments. You should also think of it this way... this person has control over how good your hair looks...wouldn't you want them to be happy remembering you showed appreciation last time you were in her chair... Also while they set their own prices most times...they also have to hire an accountant to do their taxes and make sure they kept enough out through the year to pay taxes and social security and all that good stuff. Another thing to think about is that they stand on their feet all day and smell all these chemicals making sure that your hair and anyone else's who comes to the shop are satisfied with the job that they have done....its so little to ask to be appreciated for a job well done!

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    I have no idea how much my hairdresser makes. I tip her because she knows my hair, knows me, and performs the service the way I like it performed. I tip her as a "thank you for recognizing I am an individual, and working for ME the way I like". Someone above me posted that they like good conversation; many people feel that way. I like to be left alone to let my mind drift; my hairdresser knows this and doesn't bother me with idle chatter. I tip her well, and when I have a hair "emergency", she always fits me in right away. Worth every dollar!!

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    Hair dressers where I am from don't make minimumwage where I am from they work off of a commision, so it is possible for them to make nothing fo a whole 10 hour day. If they make minimum where you are from that is great. Even if they are making a wage it is greatful for you to give them a couple of bucks to say nice job!

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    What about the concept of manners? If they have done a great job - then why not? For me it's not about worrying if i get a mohawk next time, it's about rewarding the hard work and listening skills of my hairdresser, especially the service.

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