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Learning French?

I'm learning French and its been pretty easy to pick up, but I was just wondering if anyone had any good ideas to study and use the Frech I already know more.

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    I am fluent in French! The best way to get better at the language is to find someone that speaks it fluently and start talking to them in French.

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    To help me study verb conjugation and forms I use my university's website to help me. They have self quizzes, videos, and tiny comics to help you nail in the grammar.

    To practice the French I already know, I speak in "Fren-ish". Ha. I'll just throw in random french words and phrases into my conversation, just to practice. Even if it's not with someone that's knows a bit or alot of french, I found out that alot of people will get what you're saying just by context.

    Try watching some movies with the French subtitles on. I'll recommend the Science of Sleep. It's an indie movie that has English, French, and Spanish dialogue.

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    Read books in French and listen to French music.

    Translate the words and memorize them - You'd be surprised how often the lyrics of pop songs become useful in everyday speech.

    Start small in terms of books, but don't be afraid to push yourself further (Starting with "Le Petit Prince" and other children's books, and moving onwards).

    Source(s): That's what I did to learn French and I'm in France now - not only surviving, but thriving.
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    If you have access, watch French television, go to French movies and read French newspapers online (

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    For summer, test yourself on a beautiful and easy short novel :

    Le lion, Joseph Kessel.

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