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Sims 2 help!?

Okay well I have the SIMS 2 for the PC and I wanted to know if you have a sim that needs a boyfriend and you make another sim, how do you make them meet?

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    You just have to kind of hope that they end up showing up at the house and ringing the doorbell.

    An easy way may be to buy them both computers and you may see the others name and tell them to chat.

    If you have any of the expansion packs that feature community lots you can take them to a community lot and hope that the other shows up.

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    If you your using one of your characters just go down town and chances are the other character will be there.. Strike up a conversation.. And when you get home call the person on the phone.. Then invite them over.. the friendship bar will go up and you'll have a friend or more...

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    u click on the other Sim that u want them to meet and then choose wat u want them to do...and here is a cheat .....boolProp Testingcheatsenabled true (i think) to do this press ctrl+shift+c and then type in that cheat....then press shift and click on the mail box and there will b a lot of choices that u could use to do more fun stuff.....and to get more money do the ctrl+shift....blah blah blah after u do that...type in motherlode

    hope i helped

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    you can put the boy in the same house or just wait for said character to visit. he will eventually

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