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Cheerleading?!?!? JV?

JV cheerleading tryouts are on August 15th! I'm going into 8th grade. What can I do to train up to it. Do i have to do any flips or anything?

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    Ask your potential new coach what the requirements are. Every school is a bit different.

    In the meantime work on getting your motions clean and snappy, jumps nicely formed, voice nice and loud and clear, flexibility amped up and so forth. Then when tryouts come the only thing you have to worry about will be learning the choreography and cheers and looking confident as you show the coach that you will do anything you are asked to do.

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    I am in dancing and we have to do some bendy cheerleding things. I would recomed that you should stretch dailey to ensure that you will be flexable enough to do some of those moves that you see the cheerleaders doing. You may also want to take some ballet classes so your balance and posture improve. If you have any friends that are in cheerleading or competition dance you may want to ask them for some help with learning moves and stuff.

    If you dont feel comfortable with any flips then i would recomend that you dont do any. The judges wil be more impressed with a clean easy act than a sloppy hard act. A sloppy hard act will just show that you are not capable of doing those moves. An easyier act that you nail will show them that you are here to impress them with your good tecnique and style.

    I hope that i helped! Good Luck i with you the best!

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    Hi! Typically they don't require you to do any handsprings or tucks, maybe a roundoff or cartwheel but not always. Handsprings don't become a requirement until high school. When I tried out in middle school, I could barely do a cartwheel but I had so much spirit and energy that I not only made it but later in the year was voted captain! Just remember smile big, yell loudly, have lots of energy, and sharp movements! Good luck at try outs, let me know how you did!

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    What you really need to do is start stretching! Stretching is key. I make my girls, before practice, do at least 20 minutes of stretching. Remember to hold the stretch for at least 15-30 seconds for it to do any good. Now for the "flips" aspect of things. Usually, for junior high cheer, that is not required, coaches (like myself) are more focused on your jumps. Work on hurkeys (left AND right), toe touches, pikes, hurdlers, and tabletops. And, if you are as committed as you sound, work on making up a dance routine. If you prove to yourself that you have no problem making up AND remembering a dance, you will have no problems learning and performing cheers. (Don't forget to show family and friends, if you can't show your family and friends your routine, how are you going to be able to perform in front an audience of strangers?) Good luck and I hope you make it.

    P.S. Remember to be loud and enunciate your words. Loud and Clear, That's what I like to hear!!!

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    The main thing is probably to start stretching right away and start practicing tumbling and jumps you already know, depending on your school you may/may not have to do guess is not flips? but something of less difficulty


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