Are you a family or individual in proverty?

I have read some Us Census Bureau's reports on their website about the average income for proverty. These reports can NOT be correct. It stated that in 2006 a family of four was considered in proverty if their income was under $20,000. With all the increase in gas prices, food prices, etc, how can this be correct? I make about $29,000 and have trouble making ends met. There is rent, gas, car insurance and payment, credit card bill, telephone, cable, electric and gas for heating my home and cooking, then there is medical expenses etc. What I make doesn't leave me much to be able to enjoy a vacation, buying some I want vs. buying something I need (which is also hard to do). I also have three children (only one at home now). Do you believe you are at proverty level? What do you think needs to be done to help our citizens get from proverty to comfortable (not rich, just able to live with a little extra)?


Brian G.. I realize that not affording the basics puts people in proverty. Although, I am better off then most, I feel that every day that prices go up and taxes go up that I come closer and closer to proverty because I can't afford things and will have to sell them in order to live. This is not what should be going on in one of the richest countries in the World.

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    Living in poverty is not even close to the same as having a hard time making ends meet and still taking a vacation. Living in poverty means the person/family cannot even afford the basic necessities of food, shelter, and clothing. Cars, cable tv, and credit cards are luxury items. You can live without them if you wanted to try. People in poverty don't even have a choice.

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