Which is better an epidural or a spinal-epidural?

I want to get medicated but which has less severe consequences? Has anyone tried either one? What was your outcome? Which has no long term effects?

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    A spinal last for less time than an epidural. I had a spinal for my c-section and I could feel my legs after like 30 minutes after the baby was delivered. My sister in law had a spinal when she had her second baby because they didn't give her it till literally 30 minutes till her baby was delivered vaginally. They kept telling her she wasn't in active labor till they checked her and she was 9 centimeters. When she had an epidural with her first she couldn't feel her legs for a long time after.

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    An epidural is put in the spine, but is done differently with different meds. It is my understanding that they only give the spinal-epidural for women who are having a c-section. The advantage is that after the spinal wears off (which blocks pain more effectively), the epidural is still in place and can be used for pain relief for another 8-12 hours. A spinal has more risk than a regular epidural. I had a spinal failure and had gas, so next time, I would choose an epidural only or a spinal-epidural.

    I also had a spinal headache from my spinal. That was intensely painful for a couple of hours; worse than labor, but my labor was never intense.

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    Epidural or ITN.... The ITN only last for 3-5 hours then acording to your hospital policy you generally have to have you IV site open for 24 hours. With an epidural it is a continous flow lasts the entire labor time and can be turned down if needed for pushing, plus as long as your bleeding is good you generally get your IV out after your pitocin dose is done. Hope this answers your question.

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    i might be wrong, but i think the difference is they leave the epidural in and use it like a drip, and the spinal tap just has a certain amount of medication that will run out( they use this for c section)

    they both have risks such as paralysis and possibly a spinal headache.

    i did not have anything for my natural births (2 of them) i didn't feel it hurt, but they did a spinal tap with my twins that were born by c section. i haven't had any bad effects.

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    I've had both, and let me tell you, the only outcome was good, I felt no pain. Contractions were horrible, and the medication was a lifesaver, specially with my first child, I was in labor for over 26 hours, the second one I was only in labor for 6 hours, but I still had some help, I needed it.

    Once they took of the meds, I was fine, I managed to stand up, the only thing, is that a few days after, I did have a little bit of back pain, specially where the needle was, but that's normal, it only lasted a few days.

    Good luck with your labor of love, enjoy that wonderful gift the Lord has given you.

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    I had a c-section 5 months ago and had a spinal block. The difference is witht he epi they live it in as a drip that way they can give you more pain meds if they need to. With the spinal its like a shot they give you in your spin. Both are in your spin. I havent ever had an epi so I cant tell you the effects of that but with the spinal I can tell you what happen. They took me in to the OR I sat on the table. First they gave me a local which felt like a little pinch other than that I felt nothing. Also I must add that I totally HATE needles not just a little bit but a lot. Any way they gave me the local in my back and I was talking to my nurse that was standing in front of me and next thing I know the guy behind me that was giving me the spinal asked if I was ok I said yes and when are you gonna do the spinal he said well I just did about 2 seconds ago how are you feeling. I was in shock cause I didnt even feel him give me the spinal. However as soon as he asked me how I was doing I could feel my legs start to go to sleep. I told them and they said well we have to lay you down now before you fall off the table cause we dont want that to happen. Well no sooner did I lay on the table I was totally numb below I could not feel anything. As soon as my head got in place on the table they brought my doctor and his team in and the babys team followed. My doctor said before he does anything he is gonna pinch me all over to make sure I feel nothing if I do they are gonna wait and give me more meds so he started pinching and asked if I could feel anything and I could not so he said he was gonna get started. Well my anestiseologist was sitting at my head and he told me to let him know if I felt anything or felt strange he said he could not help me if he didnt know. Well as far as what my doctor was doing I didnt feel anything but tugging and pulling and pushing which is normal I felt no pain at all below. Well from time to time I would feel like I had been running for 10 miles so I told my anestologist and he did something to fix it. I finally asked him why I kept feeling like that and he said that the spinal block makes your blood pressure drop so when I told him he put something in the IV to bring my blood pressure up and all was good. Two hours after surgery I was able to feel my legs again. The only other thing is even now from time to time the spot in my back where the needle was put hurts but not bad and something I can deal with.

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    They are both the same i had an epidural which belive it or not went into my spine lol. I was fine no after effects well it takes about 8 hours for it to wear off you cant move off the bed your paralized from the waist down hope this helps

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    an epidural goes into your spine dear. Good luck with your labor and have a healthy baby

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    i had my son with no pain relief, if i were you i would just see how it goes and if you feel like you need one in labour then just ask! my mum had a spinal when she was in labour with me and suffers terrible backache since and has even been bed bound! please take my advice and see how you feel! dont have it for the sake of it.

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