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any advice on tampons that are good for when your very active and can never find the time to change it...i heard once that it you leave one in too long you could get an infection or that true?

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    It all depends on how heavy your flow is. Personally I like O.B. brand, because they seem to give me the best fit for my body and expand inside better than others I've tried. Some people prefer the kinds with applicators. You can also wear a light underwear liner and it doesn't seem to get in the way during exercise. Unfortunately, you have to make time to change it, but you shouod be able to find ones that will hold up until you need to actually use the restroom. And if you put them in correctly, then you shouldn't even feel them when you are being active. The thing about the infection is only if you are leaving tampons in for a really really long time and aren't bleeding very much. Like if you use a heavy tampon and you are on a light period flow day and you leave it in for 10 hours or something. And over-night isn't always a great idea, it's best to wear a pad overnight and kind of give yourself a tampon break. But you can wear them all day and that's fine, just use ones according to the heaviness of the flow. It's really rare to get TSS (toxic shock syndrome). After awhile, you'll wonder how you ever suffered all day long for the week with that pad/diaper.... tampons are so much more comfortable!

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    You could get toxic shock syndrome if you leave it in too long. The max amount of time you should leave one in is 8 hours. You should be able to find time to pee every 8 hours. If you can't, you need a change in lifestyle.

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    Yup that's true. Too long is not good. It is perfect medium for bacteria to grow. I am sure you can find a restroom to change it. Keep one in your purse or bag handy :D

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    You can get TSS which is fatal but not likely.

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    you can get a bad odor when you pull it out ....but no infection

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