3 Questions about Texas! What is the best small town, mid size, and large city to live in, down in Texas?

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    You have a lot to choose from "down" here in Texas, starting with towns with a population of about 7 and going up to the big cities/metroplex areas with populations in the gazillions.

    The DFW area isn't bad, but I say that because I was raised there and am familiar with the area (wouldn't want to live there again).

    The Austin area is nice and has smaller towns nearby.

    West Texas has some nice mid-sized towns like Abilene, Lubbock, Midland and lots of small towns.

    I like the Tyler/Longview (mid sized cities) area in East Texas and it also is surrounded by very small towns.

    I don't really know which is best in any category, depends on your personal preference, but I personally like the mid-sized cities that have everything you could possibly want or need and are close enough to DFW or Austin that it's a day trip to either large city.

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    1 decade ago

    Best town: to live Austin, San Antonio, El Paso.

    Large city: Dallas, Houston

    Best wishes.

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    Above or below water?

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