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How do people afford to go to an NBA game now a days?

I am a Lakers fan ever since i was born. I only went to the lakers game 2 times. One was during the 2002 playoffs game against the rockets, the other was a regular season game. Both games I didnt pay for. The playoff game I won it on the radio and the regular season game was for my birthday present. Anyway, I never missed a game on tv but i can not go watch the lakers in person because the tickets are so expansive. Courtside seats are $1200 or $3000 and that's for regular season games. Premier seats are 200 to 500 bucks and nose blead cost $30 to $120 bucks. I mean are you kidding me?! I will never spend $1200 on a 4 hour show for anything unless I am a millionare. I am not a millionare unfortnately but I dont understand how people can afford to go to every game. I mean are all those people in the seats are millionares or something? Season ticket holders spend couple of thousand dollars for a year worth of tickets. That is crazy.


I'm an Angel's fan also and I went to several Angels game because it's affordable. Tickets range from 20 bucks to 50 bucks and all seats are the same price. How come NBA wouldnt lower their ticket prices like baseball so normal people like me can go to a game once in a while?

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    you check out the best seats at staples center, and chances are they are occupied by celebs? why? this is LA, camera crews are everywhere and its the perfect opportunity to be spotted. after jack nicholson, andy garcia, denzel washington, and a couple of celebs, the rest are there to because its the "in" thing. they dont even pay for their tix, jerry buss just hands them out to them. its impossible to afford good seats at laker games because the prices just keep being driven up higher and higher. which is absurd because the lakers arent doing so well, meaning fans dont get much for what they paid. those associated w/ fixing the tix prices dont associate it with how the team does, but rather paying for the salaries, which is also bogus since the lakers as a franchise make more money that any other team in the league, even new york. so even though the lakers (jerry buss in general) turn out such a profit, the prices are still being driven up so that jerry buss makes more and more money that he isnt willing to spend on the welfare of the team that he runs.

    with the way business is handled in lakerland, it is impossible to buy one of the better seats in staples center. watching a laker game from the highest sections at staples is the equivalent of watching it on television. so save some money and watch it on tv like the REAL laker fans do.

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    Get to the box office _early_ on the day of the game and get a ticket for that day.

    Each NBA franchise is required to hold 1000 seats for $10 a seat to be sold on the day of the game.

    Of course, these aren't the _best_ seats.

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    Most people who go to lakers game are celebs who dont know what a "backcourt violation" is.I agree they are WAY overpriced no normal person can afford season tickets or even get decent seats every once in a while

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    A lot of people are business owners and they write off their tickets as a business expense. I think anything in NY or LA is outrageously expenseve. If you lived in a smaller city you would not pay that much $$ for tix. I agree these people that actually pay a grand for a ticket either have money to burn or are total idiots.

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    I absolutely understand what youre saying...I go to Laker games as a guest of the Buss family and my partner steve who works for them, but I dont see how regular working folks could possibly afford season tickets or to go to a lot of games in a season...very pricey...

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    I've gone to a few Jazz games with tickets that cost less than 20$. It's probably just how it is in Utah. There's probably more people willing to play big bucks to get into games in California.

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    I by my tickets from scalpers, close to gametime I can get suns tickets 20-100.

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    I got a job to buy tickets

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    because its the frickin lakers. one of the most prestigious franchises in NBA history. and everything is inflated in LA and lots of people will pay good money to see kobe

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    yeah i only got to 2 games last season cause my dad got free tix from work

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