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which Matters More, the FIRST TIME or the LAST TIME?

of what?


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    The first time I touched someones soul is the most precious time of my life and the most memorable.

    The first time a man bit my neck I thought I was on fire from the neck down.

    The first time I felt satin against my breasts was the most intimate feeling I had had at that point.

    The first time I realized my love was powerful and encompassing, it gave me the realization of my importance in the world...

    The last time that I touched my love before he died was precious and made all the others in between priceless.

    The last time I kissed my son and he was breathing, that was the most precious and priceless moment, as then I saw his spirit leave his little body.

    Blessings and love,


    Source(s): It's what each of us sows, and how, that gives to us character and prestige. Seeds of kindness, goodwill, and human understanding, planted in fertile soil, spring up into deathless friendships, big deeds of worth, and a memory that will not soon fade. . . . George Matthew Adams
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    Both are important, I choose to favor the last time.

    The first time is significant because it is the first time

    that establishes the repetition of all subsequent times.

    Therefore, if it weren't for the first time, the last time

    wouldn't have happened. However, this neglects

    the time in which the time is both first and last.

    The first time is an absolute time and the last time

    is a relative time. The last time is the adaptation

    and/or evolution in a successive approximation.

    The last time is the new impression which might

    make the potentially inaccurate first impression

    obsolete. The continuity of time move forward

    from the present last to the future last. Therefore,

    the last time progresses towards what matters

    as what matters changes with time.

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    1 decade ago

    It is best to remember the last time because if you have gotten beyond the first time than all others are just as meaningful. I wrote a poem once of saying goodbye to my former girlfriend who was killed in a motorcycle accident in 2001. I wrote that the last kiss is the kiss that is most remembered, and I stand by that. Last kisses, last farewells can be so much more important if dealing with fate in our lives. We are not guaranteed tomorrows, and so I treat each kiss now as very special, just as the first one was. It is a continuation that doesn't stop until the last one given. So in that essence, I would have to say the last time, by far, is the most important kiss of all. It may be your last.

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    depends which one lasts longest. A first hope can last a lifetime, and the last hope can be your dying wish. The one that matters most is the one that makes the most amount of people happy for the most amount of time.

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  • 1 decade ago

    If it's first love, it's always remembered, but the last love matters more. If it's sex, the first time is disappointing and so is the last.

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    The last time.... the first time my father left me he had a chance to make up for it. The last time I left him because he still left me even though I stayed with him while visiting. I forgive him for not being able to be a father. But he lost his chance to be in my life, that was the last time I let him hurt me.

    My dad adopted me and was there for me, that's a man. :-)

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    The first time. Of anything. There is just this happiness or something or you can call it a gain of experience and more wisdom in the first time.

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    The first. First impressions can only be made once. You cannot change the past so do it right the first time.

  • What matters most is your first Love, and more so, when that first Love is the person you marry, and stay together, Till death us do Part. Thank You.

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    1 decade ago

    The first is the best, the last is the first. Do the math.

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