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Anyone familiar with the white van stereo speaker scam? How do you stop it?

If you're familiar w/ this scam, you know it's one or two people (usually guys, but I've heard of girls doing it too) in a white van hawking stereo speakers. The speakers aren't worth what you're paying for. How do you stop these people?

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    Good question. This is actually wide spread, and has been on the news. Someone tried to stop me once while I was driving. They kept yelling to me about buying speakers. I finally showed them my star, and asked if they gave discounts to the Police. Never got my answer. They left in quite a hurry.

    Just get a description, and the plate number, and report it to the Police.

    Source(s): Me, retired Police Officer
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    take a multi-meter and set it to ohms low range. Place the probes on the two leads of the speaker inputs. It will not measure impedence only resistance. However the resistive properties of an 8ohm speaker load usually ends up around 6.8 ohms. If your getting 5-8 ohms reading I would feel safe hooking them up to even an average quality amp. If your getting 4 or below (less than 3 imp.) its probablly 2 or 3 speakers with no xover wired in parallel and that really could send your amp into protect or damage it depending on the quality. If you dont have a meter your kinda tanking a risk. Im sorry that the "White Van strikes again" happened to you. Usually thay work but don't sound great and may be too low imp. to play on average quality amplifiers/receivers

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    Here in Northern Ohio, we get calls for this all summer. The white van has Michigan plates and they sell speakers in grocery store parking lots. We cite them soliciting w/o permit. The speakers aren't stolen, just junk.

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    I'd have to assume the best route would be public education, contact your media relations person and have them try to get the news channels to run a story advising people to buy their speakers in stores rather than in parking lots.

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    Get their plate number. Call the police. The speakers are probobly stolen.

    Source(s): Indiana Corrections Officer
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    you dont buy the items for sale

    no one buys? they cannot make any $

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    call 911 and don't buy anything from them.

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    HUM... that must be a new one to me. Just report it to the street crimes unit...

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