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Who watches Dateline NBC or 20/20? please help?

okay i remember seeing an episode in the past year on one of those shows, im not sure which it was. whichever one it was, it was on on a friday night. it was following people with Anxiety disorder, or GAD, and i think it might have been two different girls that had it. i know the one had to go to new york and she was scared to fly, and she was scared to go in a taxi beacuse she saw a scary movie about it. can anyone tell me which show it was on and if there is anyway i can go to the website and purchase that website. i too am suffering from GAD, and my dad doesnt understand it at all. i would love for him to watch it so he can get a better understanding of what it's like. please help me. thanks.

xx b.

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    "She confronted both of those fears when she came to New York City, with the help of Dr. Robert Leahy, the author of "The Worry Cure" and the director of the American Institute for Cognitive Therapy."

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