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What do you do about a chronic ingrown toenail?

that doesnt involve going to the doctor.

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    endure the pain while they grow out. ....they may grow out. If/when they do, trim them straight across (no more rounded, short-cut toenails).

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    Ignore it - there are some pads in the store that will help with the pain. The only way that works is to have the toenail surgically removed by a Doctor. Talk to a Podiatrist.

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    Soak your foot to make the skin soft. Should help with the growing out process. Take ibuprofen for pain as it is an anti-filamentary. Consider a trip to the doc's, it could become infected. Is it really worth losing an entire toe?

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    it is extremely simple, cut a V shape in the middle of the nail affected and it will grow towards the middle instead of into your skin. and yes once it is better cut the nail straight across

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