Help me understand the interpretation of this dream.?

I had a dream that one of my good friends just had a baby. The weird about this is, I was not aware that she was pregnant until she was about to have the baby. she calls me on the phone to tell me she is pregnant. I remember that my brother went to see the baby, but in real life they do not associate and I recall seeing her in the dream but not the baby. It was like before I was able to see the baby I woke up. But I do remember the baby crying. Is their any meaning behind the DREAM!

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    To see a baby in your dream, signifies innocence, warmth and new beginnings.� Babies may symbolize something in your own inner nature which is pure, vulnerable, and/or uncorrupted. If you dream that you are on your way to the hospital to have a baby, then it signifies your issues of dependency and your desire to be completely care for. Perhaps you are trying to get out of some responsibility. Babies may represent an aspect of yourself that is vulnerable and helpless. If you dream that you forgot you had a baby, then it suggests that you are trying hide your own vulnerabilities; You do not want to let others know of your weaknesses. If you are pregnant, then a more direct interpretation may simply mean that you are experiencing some anxieties of making it to the hospital when the time comes.

    To dream of a crying baby, is indicative of a part of yourself that is deprived of attention and needs some nurturing. Alternatively, it represents your unfulfilled goals and a sense of lacking in your life.

    To see a dead baby in your dream, symbolizes the ending of something that is part of you.

    To dream about a starving baby, represents your dependence on others. You are experiencing some deficiency in your life that needs immediate attention and gratification.

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    Is your friendship still okay? Are you hanging out less? It sounds to me like her attention may be going somewhere else, maybe a new friend, job or that you feel she is leaving you out.

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    You need to rewrite your question. It is much to difficult to understand the way it is.


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