Locker problem.?

Okay I have this friend. Me and her are going in to middle school this year. There are lockers there. In school we were practicing our locks acouple weeks ago. Me and my other friend got it and she didnt. She didnt get it yet. I wanna help her but she wouldn't show me her code. And I'm not allowed to show anyone mine. What do I do? I'm afraid she won't get it and we start school real soon. Help!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

P.S. She really wants someone to help but she is just not open to showing people sercet stuff except when its about someone else. And I dont want to hurt her!

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    Dont sweat it! She'll get it soon! Just tell her to keep practicing. Maybe write down the steps for her so she can!

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    go to staples and buy a lock to practice on, so you will know the code for that lock and can help her. but tell her this; say the lock combo is 12, 23 18.

    step 1.. turn the lock around without stopping to the zero. repeat two more times.

    step 2.. turn clockwise ( to the right ) to the first number (in our example, 12.)'

    step 3.. turn around counter clockwise (back up again, the way you started) to the second number (in the example, 23)

    step 4.. turn back clockwise (to the right) to the last number (in our example, 18)

    step 5.. pull down (the entire lock) and voila! your done :)

    tip; numbers dont have to be exactly right, they can be a little off.

    i hope i helped you!

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    i was in the same boat as ur friend last year. i didn't get it either. tell her to go buy a combo lock at the store and practice it at home for a few minutes easch day. that's how i figured it out, and here i am a year later opening my lock in just 15 seconds. not that i'm bragging or anything, but i have to remember a hall lock combo, a band lock combo, AND a gym combo, and i'm doing just fine. DON'T GIVE UP HOPE HER!

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    lol dont sweat it so bad. most schools will have a couple teachers and parents in the halls to help people with their locks for the first week or two. just tell her to keep practicing she'll get it. i had trouble with mine for the first time to, everyone does. no worries she'll be fine!

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    I think I agree with the comment before

    u seem to be a good friend..thats

    gud luck anyways...

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