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I will be a senior in High School this year and really have no idea what I would like to do when I go to college. I have thought about Teaching, but I know that teachers don't make a lot of money. It's not all about the money for me, but I would like to be well-off when I'm older.

Does anyone know any cool jobs that pay well, that are also fun and exciting?

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  • 1 decade ago
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    Teachers don't make a lot of money now to begin with. Some of them do fairly weell after 15 or 20 years if they have one or more graduate degrees. There's always the change, too, that all these politicians who want to improve education will do it the way businesses do, by investing in the workers.

    That said, you probably thought of teaching because it's something you think you know from spending so much of your life in school with teachers. That's roughly equivalent to someone who eats out a lot thinking he knows how to run a restaurant--and restaurants are the small businesses most likely to fail within 3 years.

    To be blunt, no job is fun and exciting after it becomes a job. My BIL is a case in point. The man rode and loved motorcycles for 20 years, all his friends rode motorcycles (or wheelchairs, but that's another side of the story). After half a dozen types of jobs, he trained to be a motorcycle mechanic, went to Sturgis (the Mecca of motorcyclists) and fixed bikes. In the end, it almost ruined his love of motorcycles because it became a "job" not a pasttime.

    Even sexual surrogates and stunt people spend much of their lives not all that excited about working.

    Find something you like to do that you also think is important. That way, when boredom doing it sets in, you can think about how much it pays to let you do something else you love, or how much it benefits people--in one way or another.

    Go back and watch Good Will Hunting, not for the violence or the cursing or even the mild amounts of sex, and listen to the kid and his therapist talk about working.

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