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ok ya i constantly have this thought ever since a friend told me a scary story that there is a shadow of a man looking in on my room. i leave the door way open so i can see that there is nothing there. then i get all comfy again and the thought pops back into my head that there is a man really there. so then i turn on the lights and i feel fine. what can i do to stop this/ this has been going on for several months now. i need to break the habit. has anyone else ever felt something was in your room? what did you do? PLEASE HELP ME!

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    I went through a long time of being afraid at night. My main reasoning was because in any fiction/mythology, it brings things from our darkest nightmares, yet it also enshrouds them and makes them harder to find.

    You believe that somebody is watching you, when you feel that put your mind elsewhere. picture yourself doing something you enjoy.

    However, the best way to get out of it, is to face your fears. When you think you feel somebody watching, go out in the dark to where you think he is. It will take a lot of courage, but if it is just a story and not something based on the history of the house, then you should be fine and it should give you the confirmation you need that it is safe

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    Every night before you sleep, try to stop thinking about it. Calm down, there are no shadows. Whenever you have this thought in your head, think about something you like. Pray more. Get it out of your head. You'll be okay.

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