5. A Porsche salesperson was taking orders on new cars because he was unable to satisfy the demand with the?

limited number of cars in the showroom and lot. Several persons had backed out of the contract within two weeks of signing the order. What explanation can you give for this behavior, and what remedies would you recommend?

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    1 decade ago
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    I do not understand if the problem is with the salesman taking orders for future delivery, the buyers backing out of the contracts, or a product supply problem, how ever I will try, as I have faced similar problems in my past.

    If the situation involves the customers backing out of the contract s: 1. There is a 3 day " cooling off period" in which the buyer/s can back out, legally. @. If # 1 is not the real condition, then the customer must / should put up AT LEAST 10 % of the retail price, as "ernest money"/ deposit.

    IF the problem is with a slow deleavery date- time span, the problem is with the factories deleavery schedule. I DO NOT KNOW WHICH CONDITION YOU MAY HAVE IN YOUR SHORT DISORTATION/ QUESTION.

    Sorry I cant be of more assistance.

    Uncle Wil

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