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I have a 2 month old lab and I saw something weird in his urine, please advise...?

I was just outside playing with my puppy, all of a sudden he went to use the restroom. I was monitoring closely since I am trying to house train him and at the end of his pee, it turned red. I am assuming blood. It was not alot, but noticeable. He is eating well, drinking water, we went for a run today, and were playing outside. He is alert and seems fine besides that. First, can anyone confirm if it was blood? Second, I have an appointment with a vet tomorrow, does it seem serious enough to go get it looked at today? Thanks.


Thank you for your quick replies.

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    Sometimes male dogs, with excitement, will "expose" their "pee-pee's", which can be quite pink/red. I doubt it was blood unless he actually urinated blood. If that's the case, take him to the vet. He may have a UTI.

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    1. No one can confirm if it was blood over the internet. We weren't there, and even if we were, we should have some lab sticks to detect red blood cells. They are easy to find, I always have some to check my pet's urine from time to time, because he had some problems.

    2. It is possible that it was blood, because unless he ate beetroots, what else could it be?

    3. If he pees OK, I don't think waiting for one day will be critical for the dog. The vet will have to do the tests anyway before he starts treatment. It would be urgent if the dog had stopped peeing. But I could be wrong, because I only have experience on a specific urological issue of cats, so it is best to call the vet and ask what he thinks, and if he thinks he should look into it today.

    4. Good luck.

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    It sounds very much like a bladder/urinary infection. Easily taked care of with medicine. You will need to bring a specimen of urine to the vets. Catching one isn't easy but the vet won't need much. Get a wide container that you can put a top on.

    Puppies often get that by their sibblings licking them and all. Another sign of the infection would be peeing a bit here, then more a few feet away. Like it is trouble to pee all at once. Don't worry. It will be fine once you get the meds...

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    Getting him to the vet is the best thing. It could be a number of things. He could have a kindey infection or a urinary tract infection. Call the vet before you go and see if they want a unrine sample. They may want you to sterilize a container and bring some unrine in with you.

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    Sounds like he has a bladder infection. Try to bring a sample of urine into the doctors office tomorrow so that they can do a urinalysis. When he goes, simply put something in the stream to catch it, them put it in a clean container and bring it with you to the doctor's office. IF he has an infection, he'll need antibiotics.

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    Blood in the urine is never a good thing. You want to get into the vet ASAP.

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    I am no professional, but if you are at least 70% sure it was blood and not just a deep yellow colored urine, I think it could wait until tomorrow. But if pain occurs , take him today. He might have a urinary tract infection.

    Source(s): I have 2 dogs, both brought up from puppies.
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    Yeah it was likely blood.. If he is acting fine otherwise remember to bring it up at the vet tomorrow.. Bring a urine sample w/ you too.

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    well from what you said there wasnt alot of blood so tomorrow should be fine but if your puppy does that again i would suggest taking him or her to the vet today

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    Urinary Tract Infection. Sounds like it could be advanced. Go to the vet.

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