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I need someone to come up with a weight loss plan for me? Please?

Hi. I would like to go from 109.5 lbs to 99.5 lbs (not underweight for my height). I am not looking for the usual "tips" like "listen to hunger cues", but I am really hoping someone has an actual calorie (or carb or whatever) amount per day and complete exersise plan that I should use to lose 10 lbs. And I don't know how long, but can you tell me how long it will take approximatly? Thank you.

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    Breakfast-1 cup Cheerios Mix with strawberries (or other fruit of your choice), 2 tbsp of almonds and 1 cup nonfat milk

    Lunch- Oat Bran Bagel Topped with a serving of Cream Cheese and Peanut Butter with a Side of Carrots and a Kiwi

    Dinner- One slimfast optima shake with 2 WASA crackers and 1/4 cup of shredder lowfat cheddar cheese

    Snack-Chocolate soymilk and a banana

    Do cardio (Running, Jump rope, Dancing, Swimming, etc) for 30 minutes or longer 5-7 times a week)

    This is an example from the best life diet by Bob Greene, he is oprahs trainer and I belong to his website...I have had great success I recommend you try it. Go to his website at It costs though soI gave you an example from my meal plan. Good luck!!

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    Count your energy on 'myfitnesspal' Food will have to be in quantities. You want fats and sugar in an total healthful nutrition. Everything is healthful so long as its moderately. Home sports can comprise: running instant, push ups, take a seat ups, lunges, squats and so on. You too can check out strolling again from university three occasions per week due to the fact that your muscle tissue turn out to be used to sports performed constant groundwork. Cutting again quantities or having small 6 foods an afternoon. 1500 energy an afternoon for weight reduction is a healthful quantity of energy. Eat plenty of fruit and greens, check out staying clear of overly oily meals. Drink plenty of water and do approximately an hours pastime an afternoon.

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