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I already know the answer but I needed to tell someone anyway!!?

Here's the situation. I am a married woman that get treated like crap fom my husband and my kids do too. I have a 6 year old a 23 month old a 4 month old and expecting again. I know that I can raise four kids on my own because I am a strong independant woman. My husband blames everything on me. I had to turn down a job making more money because he is so jealous he can't see straight. Thankfully he doesn't hit me but the emotinal and mental abuse I just can't handle any more. I have given up my friends becuase he treas them like crap also. (They haven't given up on me though.) I know I should leave him and in due time it will happen I already have a plan I just needed to talk to someone cause I can't talk to my friends. And if anybody needs any advise on a similar siruation let me know I have been through the whole nine. From physical to emotional to mental abuse and everywhere in between. Thanks for listening,.

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    I have been married 4 times and I REFUSE to put up with any garbage. I have been thru the emotional, physical, and financial abuse. I am now happy and I refuse to allow anyone to do my thinking.

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    Good Luck with everything!!!!!!

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    you can email me and i will try to help you

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