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best draft pick for fantasy football?

What do you think are the top 4 draft pick for fantasy football? 1st pick would be my 1st option because of L.T. 2nd pick would be my 2nd option because of Larry Johnson and 3rd pick would be my 3rd option because of Steven Jackson and 4th pick would be 10th pick because you got back to back. Do you agree or disagree?

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    1st pick is good because of LT, the problem is who is left at the 20th pick (10 teams--I play 12 teams and it's worse). Most FF play 2 RB's so, you are gonna see a few RB's left, but the trouble is going to be choosing from: Lynch with Buffalo, Jones (NYJ), Jacobs (NYG); good RB's but you better have done your homework. Pick 21 will have to be a QB, you should be able to get a Palmer (CIN) or Brees (NO).

    This is the same with Picks 2 and 3. I hate pick 10, because now you are going to get 10, 11 and then 30 and 31. So you get 2 RBs from Westbrook (PHL), Brown (MIA) or a Parker (PIT), maybe even maroney (NE), but the QBs left by pick 30 and 31 will be Brady (NE)--good QB, but not a good FF QB. You might get a Bulger as well. WR's may have Walker (GB) or Bouldin (AZ).

    I like picks in the middle; 5-7. You can respond to the draft as it occurs. I have played with idiots before and they start drafting stupid. While this allows me to stock up on the RB's and QB's, I like being in the middle to be able to respond. If you have 10th pick and you pick 10, 11. and some1 takes the Bears, then the Pats, by the time picks get to you, you start panicking and it messes me up; similar to playing blackjack next to an idiot that keeps taking your cards and they bust. Pick 5-7 allow me to respond to what is going on. If I want to take a DST before the 6th round (which is where I typically take a DST), then I can monitor how the draft is proceeding.

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    I actually can win from the 8-10 spot in a 12-team league fairly well. I have also won from a 4, 6, and 12. Almost won from 2 last year.

    Source(s): Riverside American Dreams 110-47, Death By Bad Karaoke 31-1
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    I would stay away from lt this year, most backs wont put up two great years in a row like he did...Larry johnson and willis magahee have something to prove this year..Tom Brady is gonna have a huge year this year and so i lawrence malohney...My first pic would be a quarterback, there are so many good running backs that you can get with your second pick..

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    no because there really isnt any1 that big left if you get 6 you can grab like peyton manning and like a reggie bush or somethin you get 2 top 15 you only lose 3 picks in between and you get a top guy with another great guy w/ the 2nd pick

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    I prefer the middle of the pack meaning 4-7 in a ten team league.

    That way, you can get a top-tier player, but you don't have to sacrifice the rest of your team.

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    lt, jackson, johnson gore alexander, manning

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