If Mexico wins the Copa América, will it represent South America at the next Confederations Cup?

As it has just reached the semifinals, the Mexican national football team is a solid contender for the Copa América. Mexico is, however, an invitee and not a proper member of CONMEBOL (the sponsoring confederation).

Would Mexico be allowed to represent CONMEBOL? Or would this fall to the highest-ranked South American team?

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    Unfortunately, i wish they would if they won but the answer is no, even if mexico wins the copa america they wont have a chance to go to the Confederations Cup because they lost the Gold Cup which was their ticket to the Confederations Cup. now you might say well then whos going to the Confederations Cup , well ill tell ya. which ever team that belongs to the Conmebol gets the highest place in copa america thats who will go to the confederations cup. Mexico is part of Concacaf unfortunately.

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    This is a very good question... I am thinking it would be the same as if Guadeloupe had won the Gold Cup. In the latter case, the first runner-up would have gone to the Confederations representing CONCACAF, not the islanders. Seems like it might be the same case here... first runner-up would go if Mexico made it to the final and won.

    Wouldn't it be cool to have a Mexico vs US game to define which one would go representing CONCACAF if Mexico won Copa America?

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    if MEXICO wins the CONMEBOL Copa America, they will not qualify for the 2009 FIFA Confederations Cup. instead, the place will goes to the best South American team in the tournament.

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    Normaly It will Be Mexico. IF Mexico winns Gold Cup too its the highest south american country

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    No cause they are invited.

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    i don't think so.

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