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i don't want to be friends with her?

i have this friend her name is sinyee chen and yes she is chinese and i dont want to be her friend anymore because she i so snobby to everybody and me sometimes and she is also mean which is she talkes about everybody and my best best best friend kameryn beckum she is a littler over weight so sinyee talkes about her and i tell her to stop but she wont she told me i can say whatever i want and i said whatever then i walked away and then the next day she invited me to her party its july 20 at her house pool party i want to go and my parents said yes but im afraid she might be to abnoctious again and again and again and again and again.

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    You said Sinyee is "snobby to everyone and she is also mean". If this is the case, chances are she will be even more obnoxious at her party since all the focus is on her and it will be her day. It is admirable that you are not shallow and slamming your friend Kameryn about her weight, that is how true friends should treat each other. If you really want to go to the party then go but I am not sure how much you will enjoy it as Sinyee is likely to be even more snobby and mean. Personally, I wouldn't go because I really do not enjoy being around people like that at all. When you are ready to end your friendship with Sinyee explain to her that the way she treats people makes you very uncomfortable and you simply will not waste your time with people who act that shallow and mean. I am sure that you realize that when you do end your friendship with her she is going to turn on you and be snobby and mean to you too. It is nothing on you, that is just how shallow people act.

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    well i had a friend that was sorta like that but it was like she was cool at first and then when she met a new friend in high school (i knew her since 7th grade), she decided 2 be more outspoken and speak her mind more often. well, she pretty much treated me like crap everybody else and it sucked! eventually, i flipped out on her and we are not friends 2 this day. if ur a cool person and ur not all for the drama and talking about people and stuff, then i say leave her alone because eventually, ur gonna flip out and say something that u probably didnt mean or she may say something 2 u that's gonna make u wanna kick her butt!

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    She probably will be obnoixious at her party because well, it's her party. If you really want to go then go.

    If you really make the final decision to not be friends with her, just slowly stop talking to her if you don't want to cause a lot of problems. Just don't hang out with her or talk to you that much and she'll probably stop talking to you eventually, but she won't talk behind your back a lot because you didn't have a big fight or anything.

    If you flip out on her she will talk behind your back and maybe even spread rumors. So personally, try not to flip out on her. Just slowly start to talk to her less and less and she'll not be close to you anymore and you won't really have to deal with her.

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    Unless you tell her that she is being mean, she may not know that she is hurting your feelings. Tell her to cut it out if she is saying mean things about you or your friends. If she doesnt, she is most definately not your friend. Move on and find someone new. About her party...go if you want, and just hang out with your other good friends there!

    PS: I wouldnt use actual names next time.

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    well of course she's gonna be obnoxious. if u want to go 2 her party go and then a few days later tell her u don't want to be friends with her any more

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    you don't want to be friend with her stop talking with her. don't tell me that she is chinese that's why you don't want to be her friend.

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