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My speaker system keeps overheating?

somone told me that i shold hoock up a 12V fan to my subwoofer line in the box and that wold help keep it cool.

I dont know if i shold hoock up the fan to my subwoofer line.

becouse i dont know if the fan woold fry my sub chanel.

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    Being that you're in the home theater Y! Answers section, I'll presume that you're talking about the powered subwoofer that you're using in your home theater (as opposed to a car audio subwoofer)...

    This, in a tight, cute little phrase, sounds like "hogwash"

    If your subwoofer is getting hot, then the problem is not the driver itself but the amplifier. In that case you should take the easier--more effective--route of simply turning it down.

    Electronics have margins that they work in. You should operate it within those margins if you would like to keep it for an extended amount of time. I assure you that whatever 12V fan that you use "inside the box" of your subwoofer is going to cause more harm than good, simply because of the fact that now you're going to have an additional--non-stop--noise coming from your subwoofer (which isn't gonna be bass)...and you're going to have a possible electrical shock risk because it doesn't seem like you have very much experience with electrical circuit boards. Furthermore, I hope you realize that you're gonna have to solder and transform the board to get the proper voltage for this 12V fan that you're talking about using...

    Brother, I emplore you to simply buy another sub, and run two. This is a much more practical addition--solution--for the problem of your sub getting hot. All you'll have to buy at that point is an RCA Splitter of which you'll be able to get from any electronics retailer, hook it up inline--BEFORE it gets to the sub--and let it rip.

    Not only will you not have to risk blowing yourself up, but at the same time, your sound will be more dynamic, the sound will be louder, and you'll be able to not push either sub to its max, thus preserving the life of all of your components...

    This is how I ran my last home theater set up--with two (2) ten-inch powered subwoofers... It was wonderful, and I never had hot subwoofers...although I did have plenty complaints from my neighbors and the police...:-)

    Hope that helps!


    Source(s): 12+ Years of Home Theater Experience
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    well if the speaker is overheating then maybe the amp is too much but if its the amp then it might be used a tad too long or it cant hold the speakers (!!AND DO NOT CONNECT ANYTHING TO THE WOOFER ITSELF!!) if you are going to do that get a small fan and connect it to the wall outlet but make sure that if its the sub and if its a home theater woofer (having the amp in the woofer box) it might be the amp..

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    Gen is correct,two are better than one .After all a sub is an extension of the bass of your two front stereo speakers.

    The last time i advised using two subs i got a couple of "thumbs down"!

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    trust me, dont! well, ask an expert.

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