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Plasma tv's last up to (approx.)60 000 hours, but what about DLP tv's ?

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    Plasma and LCD TV's are rated for 60,000 hours lifetime. Thats a tv that is a higher brand and also well maintained. Projections last between 2-4 years for 1 bulb. Each bulb can be replaced but cost about 300-350 a piece. So theoretically if the projection tv remains wholly good and its just the bulb that goes out, then as long as you buy new bulbs the tv can last even longer than plasma and LCD.

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    I know Philips manufactures the lamp used in Sony XBR's and their rated between 6,000 and 8,000 hrs. My friends blew in less than a month. So it could be really anytime.


    Part# 11680720


    also known as:

    UHP 100W 120W Lamp


    Manufacturer: Philips Lighting

    Max Lamp Power: 120 Watts

    Max Lamp Current: 2.0 Amps

    Max Lamp Operating Voltage: 65 Volts

    Ignition Voltage: 5 KV

    Bulb Finish: Hard Dichroic Cold Mirror

    Bulb Type: PAR-22 Borosilicate with front glass

    Reflector Size: Square 65x70mm

    Arc Gap: 1.0 mm

    Electrodes: Solid tungsten

    Luminous Flux: 6000 lm at 100W

    7000 lm at 120W

    Luminous Efficacy: 58 lm/W

    Colour Temperature & CRI: CCT : 7600K CRI : Ra 57

    Chromaticity Co-ordinates: CCx : 0.298 CCy : 0.311

    Rated Life: 8000 hours at 100 W

    6000 hours at 120 W

    Factory: Turnhout, Belgium

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