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plz need advice for my friend. Appreciate all help alot.?

My best mate is a real good guy. Hes girlfriend who he everyweek brought her jewellery worth hundreds and thousand of dollars got pregnant with her ex-bf. He always treated her right. they had never argued.

When he found out tht she was pregnant wither her ex bf he didnt argue and he didnt say anything. he just went along with it. he instead of being mad said hed support her through the pregnancy.

Now everyday he has to see her ex bf cuz he comes to see how she is. her and her ex bf talk on the phone and msn.

He doesnt say anything. But i can tell its killing him.

He treats the gf with utter most respect doesnt do anything she might dissaprove of.

What should he do?

The gf is a very nice person. She belives in never worrying and always being happy. he loves her alot but what can he do?

He saw them kissing a few weeks back before this all happend, he ignored it he thought it was just in the moment. The gf had acted as though everything was completely fine after that .


he still shows so much support. Makes sure shes happy and make sure she doesnt do nay housework and does it all himself, she tries to help but he doesnt let her. he just yesterday brought her a 2,000 dollar necklace

She still says she loves him and she does appreciate him.

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    I'm sorry to say, words are cheap, and her actions say "I don't love you". First of all, if you love someone the way everybody deserves to be loved, you don't have sex with your ex or anyone else for that matter. You also don't kiss other men or put your "so called love" in an uncomfortable position by forcing him to tolerate watching you, your child and your child's dad act like some happy loving family. My point is, she may love the lifestyle your friend is giving her, but she is not giving him in return her true, entire self, and he deserves nothing less than that. Your friend obviously has a beautiful, caring, generous heart and this girl is using it as her personal doormat and wipes her dirty feet on his heart as she walks to her ex. There are millions of girls who would really love a man like this and they're beautiful inside and out. This man deserves a girl who will love him as unconditionally as he will love her. "Ms. sleeping with my ex" needs to move on to another man to use. The saddest thing that could happen to your friend is if he waste one more day of his life on this girl. Sometimes there are good people who are just not good with each other and maybe this is the case here.

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    ok i think of that he could end it perfect now. She for sure does not care approximately him or she does no longer be preagnant in the 1st place. as nicely he shouldn't sense like he has to look after her. Its no longer his responsibilty its the ex bf's duty. he's in basic terms too good for her he merits greater proper. tell him how u fell approximately it and tell him that u in basic terms go with him to be happy and this woman can not get him there.

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    Oh my gosh!....That's a nice of him,but I don't understand this situation,why he kept on buying her expensive jewels? ok,i think she and her ex-bf should be together since the baby is belong to her ex-bf and they still keep in touch. As for your friend, i think he should leave it up to them and stop supporting her by buying her lots of unnecessary gifts.He better be with somebody else who will value/respect him back,so i think he should leave her if she still keeps in touch with her ex.

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    That is AWFUL! I SEIOUSLY don't think that guy deserve this, i think he should break up with her. That girl is not respectful to her boyfriend. I think that guy deserve better.

    I felt pitty for him=[

    help me say good luck to him!

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