Raw Meat and Spatulas?

As I'm new to the whole cooking thing, I've got a few questions regarding general hygiene...

I've had enough common sense to wash plates or cutting boards that have held raw meat, as the danger of food poisoning is faily obvious.

But what about spatulas (or other cooking 'tools') for that matter?

If you were to cook ground beef, for example, you would need to use a spatula on the raw meat while it was still on the pan. But after it gets cooked, wouldn't you still be using the same spatula? And wouldn't said spatula be ripe with bacteria? Or using tongs to grill a steak for that matter... Same thing.

Unless you replace the spatula (or tongs, etc) midway through cooking (and even if you did, when would you know WHEN to replace the tool?), wouldn't this make the whole safety routine counter-productive?

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    The pan that is cooking the food is very hot. Bacteria on the spatula would die. I have been cooking for 7yrs and I have never gotten sick from a spatula. How ever it is good to use a metal on as if you were cooking ground beef the meat wouldn't stick it it like a plastic one

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    While cooking the heat from the pan and meat would kill the bacteria on the spatula, Cross contamination occurs when you use a knife or any kitchen tool to handle raw fowl or meat. Then the knife or tool is used for another purpose without sanitizing it. This is where your problem is. The spatula would have been automatically sanitized by the heat during the process of cooking the burger.

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    I think I can answer this question. When you put it on a pan or a grill use your hands with a mit unless the grill is just flaming above the surface. wait for one side to cook then flip it over. then you wont have any raw bacteria at alll or n e thing like that.

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    The heat of the pan will sterilize the spatula or the tongs. Don't be paranoid about it.

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    1 decade ago

    How do you imagine these bacteria monsters getting past the fact how hot your food is????

    do you think they posses magical powers,, like the replicators of Star Gate.....

    If they invade your cooking environment as you infer,;,;,; aren't you breathing and eating them all the time...???

    With no ill effects...?

    Just run the hot water rinse and clean with a paper towel.

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    as you cook the food to temperature, the cooking utenciles also come up to temperature. therefore, you don't need to change them.

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