If satan was the snake in adam and eves story, and they were the first man, then satan doesnt exist right? i mean he would've been a human once since hes an angel now and how did he appear?

how did he exist?

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    angels are creatures of god (jesus) and they were created to help him and guide us, but an angel called satan wanted to be more powerful than jesus, so jesus sent him and other bad angels to earth.

    now, angels can take anyform they want and desire, and remember there is bad and good angels

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    Satan is the deception, the ones who will deceived the world. Its not a person, its more like an energy, a negative but bright energy, that push everything in this world, in a way or another. Its a little bit like gravity forces. We feel the gravity, but we do not collapse because we oppose a force to gravity, with our skeleton and muscles. Satan can be seen as a gravity, if you are not careful, such gravity can really harm you...

    The bible has a way to explain the existance of satan that is not really acurate, as satan has help the church to win followers by scaring them of the presence and incluences of satan on human. They also use its symbolic to purge the society from the church adversaries. It is why many executions have taken place in the history of the Catholic church. Those exactions were not really aimed at purging the evil or satan, but were just used to sit the power of the church over the political powers of Europe... It has worked a while but got overided in Britain, to form the Anglican chuch...

    Anyways, this satan thing is just a tool to control peoples.

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    cSatan was actually a late addition to the bible as we know it. Jews believes he can only do what God allows him to do. Muslims for instance put little stock in him and believes that at the end of days even he will be forgiven.

    It was only in medieval times that he actually rose to prominence. At that time people believed that they were hunting his worshippers when they persecuted withes. Many of these were innocent and perhaps a few still worshipped pagan gods.

    However Satan has been seen as the association of the "bad" things in order to identify a source of evil as God developed into the ultimate source of good.

    And yes according to the sources he was an angel.

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    Angels were created before man, and most of them were created from a piece of God's spirit. A few of them actually were humans that God gifted to them their angelic status--Archangel Metatron was one, as was, I believe (don't quote me on this) Uriel. Satan never lived, he was originally the archangel (highest of the angels) Lucifer, but was defeated by Archangel (St.) Michael and sent into Hell. But you see, Angels, especially the archangels, have the ability to appear in whatever form they need to in order to do their work. So Satan has the same powers as an archangel, he's just a fallen angel. He "turned to the dark side", to quote Star Wars. lol

    Source(s): a little research confirmed by friends who know the angels and also confirmed by the angels themselves
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    Satan is and always have been an angel and Satan has always been a very powerful angel that sat on the right hand side of God, until he fell of of grace with God... Also he had the power to come in any disguise he wish to.... And the only people that would believe that Satan does not exist are the people that have not been taught the bible correctly or have not been taught at all............ So I say to you and all that does not think that Satan exist... All of you are in for one rude wake up call... Any yes may God have mercy on you at that time.................................................. It really scares me that people refuse to believe in the things that is right in their face... For with out the infleuences of Satan man-kind would never be as evil as they are... You have some serious choices to make and I do hope for your sake that your choices takes you in the direction of God and Jesus......................................................................................

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    the bible says that satan was first created as an angel named lucifer..he was one of Gods most beautiful creations and was in charge of the musical worship in heaven...but his beauty and all the gifts bestowed upon him caused him to become proud and eventually he wanted to be God. he wanted a throne above the most high, in turn he caused 1/3 of the angels in heaven to follow him in rebellion against God. Jesus said He witnessed lucifer being kicked out of heaven with a bolt of lightning...and that1/3 followed...these became demons. they were sent to earth ...where he still rules today. with the help of his demon followers he has turned the world into what it is today. but he was created before humans. so when God made adam and of Gods favorite creations, satan saw his chance to get back at God, he can take the image of what he chooses, as he is very powerful, he takes whatever image that will get the job done. and by taking on the image of a slick serpent he was able to convince adam and eve to go against God and commit the first sin which led to the downfall of man and put a curse on mankind, that all will be born into sin, in need of a saviour.he does what he can to to hurt God, getting people to sin against God, inturn , hurts God. even if you are already saved, he will try to make you doubt your salvation, and get you to pull as far away from God as possible. he can't have their souls when they die but he can destroy their lives if they let him. and as for those who aren't saved he will do what it takes to keep it that way.

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    say what? where did you get the information that satan was ever a human??? that info is wrong! it never says that he was a human, satan was an angel..who thought he could take over God, ..i would say ask your pastor/preacher/father..

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    God created angels before man, when you die, you don't become an angel. So Satan wasn't a man first.


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    Satan was once Lucifer. Lucifer fell from grace and became the devil. How does he /not/ exist?

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    Satan is Hebrew for "adversary"; so quite technically whomever was an adversary to God was/is "Satan".

    Hence the somewhat correct misconceptions of Lucifer = Satan (i.e. adversary).

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