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1). Are Devil, Devil Kazuya, the Devil Gene, Devil Jin and Jinpachi not all the same Devil?

Been playing since it came out, but i always thought that the way it went was Devil took Kazuya, and he passed part of that onto Jin, but does Devil exist outside of both Kazuya and Jin, or does Kazuya control his Devil form? What do you guys think?

2). Is Jinpachi closer to being possessed by another Devil Gene, or Ogre? (some people think Ogre, because of Mokujin again, he's such a stupid character)...I'm thinking either way

3). Who is unknown? i kno tekken tag is not storyline but indulge me...i don't think she's jun, just based on her maybe, but lemme here all that you've got to say on it..

4). Do u think they she incorporate her into the storyline, and bring her back in Tekken 6? or shud they bring Jun back (i don't think so, like her, but her story is Jin's story), or both?wut bout Angel??? she gave up on Kazuya?

5). Finally...what's that thing in the new Tekken 6 trailerDragunovsend

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    Question 1 is kinda hard to answer since you asked some many things... But here goes

    Devil is kind of Tekken's "Evil Ryu Street Fighter Thing"

    All the Devil character really does do is add the laser beam / flying attacks / few other power hits. There are some weaknesses to the character such as incredibly slow recovery times, but the devil characters get some power hitting attacks.

    a. The Devil character from Tekken 2 / Tekken Tag is Kazuya. Kazuya in Tekken 4 and after no longer is the Devil Character (passed to his son).

    b. In Tekken 5 and Dark Res. Jin has two variations - his devil character (who basically is Jin from Tekken 3 + some of the older Devil's moves) and Jin from his Tekken 4 new version.

    Jinpachi to my understanding is another variation of the family's curse / devil gene. When Devil Jin beats him in Tekken 5 / DR he transforms and completes his form.

    2. Jinpachi is like Jin in that they share the Devil Gene...Ogre was after Jin in Tekken 3 because he wanted the Devil Gene's power. I actually like using Mokujin because at the arcades if you can win with him, that shows that you are pretty flexible and knowledgable with all the characters. The main downfall is it seems like you get gunjack/roger too often...

    3. Unknown is ... unknown - but alot of people think she is Jun because her starting style is Jun and Namco just "told you" she died - they never showed you what happened to her or HOW exactly Ogre killed her.

    4. Jun probably wouldn't come back because she has been replaced with Asuka who has Jun's move set. Kind of like the whole Eddy/Christie or Roger/Alex or Gunjack series. Speaking of Asuka - it also can be assumed (from her ending that she became the new Angel) because she puts her hand on Jin in the ending and it cures or neuturalizes his Devil Gene...

    5. Mr. Russian isn't really to big on words, but my guess from his ending was he was trying to extract the Devil Gene from Jin to make a monster. Dragunov is probably my favorite newer character since they added Steve in Tekken 4.

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