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where can i find these pokedex at burmy,wormadam,drifloon,unown,mespirit and azlelf on pokemon dimond?

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    put honey on a tree for burmy,level up burmy for womadam, drifflon go to power plant on friday,unknown solceon ruins out side solceon town go past the house by the pokemon center and take the farthest cliff and azelf go to the lake by hearthome city and the resort area go in and use surf have abunch of pokeballs all kinds happy hunting!!!!

    Source(s): my mind ive played 148 hours and 9 minutes i think im crazy!
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    BURMY: He's in Eterna Forest. A bug catcher uses him. Also, he can be found in a honey tree.

    WORMADAM: He can be found in Route 214, a beauty is using him.

    DRIFLOON: He's at the Valley Windworks after you beat Commander Mars. He's ONLY found on Fridays (without resetting the DS clock). Also, Hearthome gym has one.

    UNOWN: In Solaceon town, there's a cave to the right, and they appear in random encounters.

    AZELF: Lake Valor in a cave.

    Good luck finding these guys

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