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Can you still buy Xbox Live for the regular xbox?

Some people have told me that you cant anymore, and can only get it for the 360.

Well I dont have a 360, and I'm just wondering.


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    Yes you can still get it, either sign up through your credit card or go to the nearest store that sells these things and buy the Xbox Live Gold, it comes it 3 or 12 months i think, and it is the same thing and will work for an Xbox live suscribtion on a regulars Xbox.

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    tuscon35 is halfway right with the credit card part but with the subscription cards you have to set it up on the internet to use it on the original xbox otherwise when you try to do it the regular way, enter in the code through the xbox menu, it will give you an error incorrect code message, but in order to do it online at xbox.com you have to set up a microsoft .net id or something like that. don't worry its not to difficult! also if you have a 360 live account you can transfer it back and forth by using the account recovery feature on each unit

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    yes you can and you get a 2month free trial for it


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