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Is there any people the same as mine thinking the salary cap rules killing the NBA?

NBA grant one team with about 50 something million(I don't remember the exact amount) for each year cap space, which basically restict any NBA can only have 2 stars.

KG own 21M for each year that's almost half of the whole team's salary. Marion also earn 15M, so each team can only afford two, or three if they are lucky, star players. All the rest are just chunk players. A team with 5 all stars in each position, like Boston or Lakers in the old days, is just never happen (because they will never be united in one team, or they need to break up, all because the stupid salary cap rules) I know salary cap rule have some meaning, but I mean 50 something million is just ridiculusly little amount. It kills any chance for the fans to see a "star team" to form.

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    I'm sorry, but I can't disagree with you more. If you take the salary cap away, then you would have a situation just like the one that you had in baseball a few years ago before they put in a salary cap: The same 4 or 5 teams in the big TV markets would always outspend the others for the top-flight talent. In the NBA, that is more critical than other major sports because in basketball, the better talent almost always wins. Of course, there are exceptions, but how many times has an 8th seed beaten a 1 seed in the playoffs? It happened for the 1st time this year (Golden State def Dallas), but it will probably be a long time before it happens again. Just remember who ultimately pays player's salaries: The Fans who go to the ballgames(you can't get into an NBA arena for under $75, not to mention parking and concessions). Salary Caps mean parody and competion. The NFL does just fine with a hard cap, and baseball is making the adjustment.

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    Want to find a team that could have three all-stars? Do what Jordan did through the late 80's and early 90's - stick with your contract rather than renegotiate it every other year to make sure the star is getting "top dollar". And then sink those other dollars into other star players. Jordan, Pippen, Grant, Cartwright - you can't tell me that someone couldn't put together a similar lineup if the "star" would keep the salaries down. And Jordan did - how could someone go in and ask for more than Jordan?

    Right now, the NBA is designed to keep some level of parity between the clubs. They clearly do not want the Yankee mentality to come into play, or a team that so clearly dominates the league that no one else has a chance.

    Good drafting clearly comes into place here: the Blazers could have three future All-Stars on their roster right now, all of whom have been drafted in the last two drafts (Oden, Aldridge, Roy). A bad team, with a little luck in the draft, could almost instantly become a championship contender with a very small salary.

    And as long as the league gives the team resigning a player a little benefit, some of these draft dynasties like the Blazers could actually turn out like the Celtics and Lakers of the '80's and the Bulls of the '90's.

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    The salary cap enables small market teams like the Kings to compete with the LAs and NYs of the league. It puts more emphasis on building a team vs. going out and buying the best talent. If you look at the team the Kings put on the floor with Weber, Divac, Christy, Peja and Bibby with Jackson and Miller coming off the bench you have three all-stars, a first team all defensive player, a six man of the year and one player that has been robbed of being an all star twice so it is possible with a salary cap. People here in Sac attribute that to the way Divac made everybody better. Guess where he learned the American game…

    Truth be told I think the great teams of LA and Boston can be attributed to the great leadership of, in my opinion, the two greatest players I have ever seen play. Neither Magic nor Bird had great physical ability other than height itself, which is in abundance in the NBA, but they both knew how to win and make other players better. Selfishness not salary caps prevents great teams. Look at San Antonio. Is there a more unselfish team in the NBA? They have four stars on the team five if you still count big shot Rob. Oh and dynasty has been mentioned as well. Thank you Tim Duncan...

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    you can not be more wrong. a salary cap levels the playing field. if there were no salary cap, then all the big name players would be playing in the big markets of LA and NY. so you would have two good teams and 28 mediocre teams year in and year out. how is that in any way shape or form better then having a league where at least half the teams are respectable and the others are just rebuilding for the time being? if the league were like that with no salary cap, then i would hope some team filled with role players who were willing to work and play as a team would win.

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    50 something mil is a pretty low ceiling with player salaries being between 15-20mil for a star these days. The cap is there to prevent teams from hogging up all the star players just because they have more money than other teams, but it should be a higher cap. Also, it will be easier for teams with tons of bad contracts to recover. Look at the Lakers, they're something like $23 mil over the cap right now, which means they have very little trade flexibility. When teams get stuck that badly financially, it could take them years and years just to recover. Meanwhile, teams like Detroit, San Antonio, and Phoenix are all getting tons of bang for their buck and can get hot veterans like Michael Finley for cheap because they can use the likelyhood of winning a championship as bait.

    The NBA should probably put the cap more around 70 mil. That way teams like the Lakers can recover faster, but you still keep franchises with endless money like New York from outbuying everyone (even though in that example, they wasted their $$).

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    The salary cap rules are _saving_ the NBA. There are "soft cap" rules in place to help teams re-sign their own players. But for the most part, the cap prevents teams from "hogging" all of the best players.

    Instead of not liking the rules--why not call out your team's players to not hog the money?

    Charles Barkley, Kevin Garnett, David Robinson, Sean Elliott are just some of the players that re-structered their contracts to allow their teams money to sign some better quality players.

    As for teams with All-Stars, there is a Champion team with three All-Stars, the San Antonio Spurs (Duncan-9 times, Parker-2 times, Ginobili-1 time).

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    you are very wrong in your thinking. what you should be saying is that the players should learn to give up there huge salaries that are largely undeserved to help make it easier for teams to manage to make a good team. in the old days they sure as hell didnt make 20 million a year and those salaries would just keep going up if the salary cap was removed or increased by a large amount

    it also makes for a unequal teams because smaller market teams couldnt afford to pay the high quality star players.

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    No the game was ruined when they started letting high schoolers into the league. Also the coaches need to take back over there teams and make them play defense. How is $50 million per team low. that is over $4 million for player. How many guns do these guys need to buy. I think $4 million per player will buy them all plenty of guns and strippers.

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    Aww hell no tru2daGame! i understand you probably did no longer say Andre Igodalia. it is Iguodala. Oh and Monta Ellis isn't a SG. i don't sense like finding at salaries so i'm going to take a wager: PG- Monta Ellis SG- Andre Iguodala SF- Lamar Odom PF- Dirk Nowitzki C- Dwight Howard Bench: PG- Rajon Rondo SG- Eric Gordon SF- Lamar Odom PF- Blake Griffin C- Chris Andersen

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    i actually think its great. the reason its so tight is that so no team has too many superstars or really good players. otherwise there would be a few good teams and a whole bunch of bad ones. just think of it that way.

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