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a robin built a nest in my tree and layed an?

egg but hasnet been back since do i nee to car for that egg or not

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    No, leave it alone..if she has only layed one egg she is still in the laying process..they usually lay 3 or 4 total and will not start to incubate until ALL the eggs are laid. If you remove the egg now you will cause her to abandon the nest thinking a predator (you) have eaten her egg. She would have to start all over again building a nest and laying eggs, causing her to waste a lot of time and energy. Also, it would be very hard for you to incubate this egg and if you did manage to do it, then what would you do with the chick?? Also, it is illegal for you to disturb this nest in anyway or be in possession of any bird, feathers, chick and even eggs. Let nature take it's need for you to interfere.

    Source(s): Me: ornithologist
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    1 decade ago

    i had a pair of robins nesting in my garden this year . they had 4 eggs

    all grew up to be adults

    leave it alone and if it doesnt come back in 24 -hrs -(keep a close eye and somtimes look in the nest to see if the robin is in)-bring it 8in and put a blanket over it to keep it warm.

    if it hatches god help u call an animal recue and thell take care of it ps write more q on garden bird . HOPE I HELPED

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    Leave it alone. If the mom does not come back then it is dead. You can't realistically care for an egg and then for the baby bird anyway. If you touch the egg and then she comes back she will likely abandon it anyway.

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    chances are you just don't see when mommy comes and goes.. but if the egg is left alone longer than 24 hours the egg is dead.

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    leave it alone........and spying on them............

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