Can any Digital Camera use any brand of 1G SD card?

I obviously don't know a lot about this whole thing. I know that the type of card you buy will decide the amount of pics that can be stored, but that's about it. Thanks for any help!

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    I found a particular case where a few different NIKON models would not read or write a HIGH SPEED SD memory card. MOST will read a "basic" card, though some older models might not like the 1G or larger cards, ALMOST all will work with smaller and slower speed cards.

    Check the particular card you are interested in with your camera at the store.

    Others seem to be asking a different question, yes there are many different types of memory, and cameras generally only accept a single type, but SOME SD CARDS WILL NOT WORK WITH ALL CAMERAS DESIGNED FOR SD CARDS. The compatibility or lack thereof must be discovered on a case by case basis.

    ... Just because it says SD on the camera's box DOES NOT mean it will work with ALL SD cards... I learned that from experience.

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    Actually, there are some that dont use any cards what so ever and use just a USB port, some that use the 1G SD cards and some that use the oldfashioned 3 1/2 hard drive disks that can pop into the computer.

    Yes the type of card you buy does determine how many pictures you can store. But depending on how high of a quality of picture you take you can respectfully store about 30 pictures on a standard digital camera.

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    NO. SD cards are only compatible with certain cameras. Each camera has a card, but not all of them are SD. Call a store near you that sells these items and they will tell you what card goes with what camera.

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    i trust the others. Dane Elec is an off sort. i'd attempt employing a Sandisk, Kingston, or PNY card and notice in case you do no longer make certain the subject. If it nevertheless does not shop, then you definately return the digital camera for a clean one.

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    Only if your camera accepts SD cards....

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    yeah cuz im using a 2 GB SD card on mine

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    no but some do others might use an XD picture card

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