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I am late once again!?

Hey all! I need to ask some things here. I didnt have a period in April, had one in may that lasted two weeks, then i had one in June that lasted 6 days then it ended and started spotting 6 days after it ended. Now this is July and i have not had my period yet once again! It usually starts at the beginning of the month. I KNOW I AM NOT PREGNANT b/c my hubby had a vasectomy in June of 2006. And no i have not cheated. I love my hubby and family way to much to even think of that!

But i have been dieting and exercising since February of this year, i had a baby back in December. But this has never affected my period before. Then on June 18th my doc diagnosed me with Post partum Depression. I was put on 60 mg. of CYMBALTA.

I am overweight. when i had my son back in december i was 230 pounds. I have now lost down to 188.2 pounds! My goal is 115-120 pounds. I see a doc once a month to make sure all is well. And this is an okay weight for me and my height.

Why am i doing this!

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    i know my friends dad had a vascectomy right after she was born, and 3 years later her mother got pregnant again, (she wasnt cheating) and then her husband got another vascetomy.

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