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Would I do better with women if I stopped caring about their feelings?

It seems like being nice and caring doesn't get me anywhere. It's like women only want to date jerks. No wonder I'm a virgin in my twenties.

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    It depends on what you mean by "do better". If you mean you're more likely to navigate an ocean of rejections without taking it personally, yes. If you mean that being insensitive would somehow make you a more competent lover, then no. Sensitive and intelligent guys tend to over-think things to their own detriment, but once they develop a balance that makes them comfortable in their own skin, they tend to thrive because their sensitivity makes them better suited to sustaining a relationship with a woman. Anyone can get laid once; the key is to keep being welcomed back (and missed when absent).

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    i like nice just haven't found the right girl yet....don't change who you are to become a jerk!

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    Unfortunately that seems to make them try harder. Just worries me.

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