I want girls opinion?

girl, here is my dating profile..

Am not sure what I should put and what I should take off .. Please advice me..

What attractive and not so attractive in it.


any help even a small one is appreciated


jenjamsam, lol.. thats a phone.

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    I think it is good just the way it is. You show a lot of humor. The one thing I might say is that your pictures don't look like the same person. You may need to add more that tie the two together. You might also add some more about what kind of woman you are attracted to, and little antic dotes about things that happen let people feel like they already know you a bit. When I used to Internet date, I would look at other profiles and see what caught my eye and imitate it.

    Good luck! I think your profile will attract a few women..

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    It looks fine to me. I say keep it as is. :) It shows your personality through your writing, some of who you are, and that's the whole point isn't it? (Well, minus the main fact you're looking for someone!) As long as that's your "real" self in the writing, I say keep it as is. If you're being fake, it'll show right through.

    But if dating isn't all you want, I'd add more than just "dating"on the bottom. (Just because that way, you'd get more hits and maybe find the one you're really looking for. Some women, if they just see "dating" may be turned off and dismiss all the rest because they're looking for longer range goals.)

    P.S. If I lived in your area and was looking for just "dating", I know I'd im ya! ;) But sorry, wrong state and dating but gl w/ the prospects. *smile*

    Source(s): me, my experience w/ online dating
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    I love it its great, don't change anything. Only one thing, Love love the picture, but is that a knife, switch blade, or box cutter in your hand????

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