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Cheer me up?

So I went over a guys house with my cousin. She went upstairs with this guy and they just chilled. But the guy I was with pressured me to have sex and I caved. Now he totally ignores me. I guess he used me. I feel awful and like I'm not worth anything. We weren't dating but I've known who he was for years but we didn't start talking until recently. I'm so stupid. =(


Yea we used a condom so no worries there. But I am young and stupid. I'm 16.

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    There are so many other women out there that have experienced the same thing as you, being used by men for their own personal gain. Just see this as a learning experience and next time you meet a new man be more cautious and careful especially if he tries to pressure you into having sex. You can learn to say no this time around. But you're not stupid, everyone makes mistakes in their lives. You're now much smarter about this situation than before and I'm sure you'll grow stronger after this experience

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    Life is about learning. And sometimes you have to learn the hard way. Granted it probably wasn't the best decision but you have to be stronger than the situation and not let him have the power to make you feel less than who you are. *hugs*

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    I'm sorry he used you. But learn from it and move on.

    All guys are not that way. You are better than him.

    So hold your head up high and be the great person you are.

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    Keep your legs closed next time and you won't feel so stupid

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    we all make mistakes...hope you used protection...dont worry you deserve better

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