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Would YOU RATHER.....?

pick which u would rather do or which u like betta

1) text or email

2) myspace or xanga

3) leak (have period unexspected) on a date or school

4) 5 hours of chores or 5 hours of homework

5)have hairy lip or hairy nose

6) a nasty nose booger or eye booger

7) walk it out or pop lock and drop it

8) internet or cable

9) have a weird first name or last name

10) meet the president or meet a celeb

11) have a rich & ugly bf/gf or fine but poor gf/bf

12) face filled with acne or hair filled with lice

13) be tall or short

14) have bad breath or bad gas

15) money or love

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  • Rara
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    1 decade ago
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    pop lock and drop


    last name


    it doesn't really matter, what is their personality like? but if it had to be one of those rich &ugly





  • 5 years ago

    1. Would you rather go on a date with Justin Bieber or Simon Cowell? Nether, I'm a guy and I don't swing like that. 2. Would you rather go shark diving or climb Mount Everest? Climb Mount Everest. 3. Would you rather die at a healthy age at 60 or die at a bad health when your 90? Healthy at 60 4. Would you rather be rich or famous? Rich 5. Would you rather own a limo or horse and carriage? Limo 6. Would you rather eat cheese for the rest of your life, or ham for the rest of your life? Cheese, I hate ham 7. Would you rather delete your Y!A account or facebook account? YA because I don't have Facebook 8. Would you rather be a viking or an egyptian? I am half Egyptian so I guess Egyptian 9. Would you rather live in America or Spain? America 10. Would you rather of lived your childhood in the 60's or 80's? 80's

  • 1 decade ago

    President preferably - celebs come and go, its kinda hard to confide in a celeb as they move on a different level and according to their own particular needs and tastes.

    Money is good to have - though it cannot buy love - a love can buy your money but that way, you are broke!

    Ugly or not I'm coming? Bf/gf debate is that love is not on the outside its on the insides. Look into a person not at them.

    I grew up under someone else's name - at least thats how it feels. My name was put aside until I was old enough to know where I came from (hell by the looks of it). Some like my name some don't either way its gut wrenching..and quite nobody's business.

    Tall or short - they are all the same size in bed!

    Cable is favoured for internet and broadband.

    Boogers in the nose are a pest!

    Ratios for 'half of' is not a good way to think of 'anyday' at all.

    Bad gas makes me laugh - I don't know about you.

    Texts and email are all welcome.

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    1) text

    2) myspace

    3) leak on a date (but that wouldn't happen if you already knew when you were getting it)

    4) 5 hours of chores

    5) hairy lip

    6) eye booger

    7) pop lock and drop it

    8) internet

    9) weird last name

    10) meet a celeb

    11) fine but poor bf

    12) face filled with acne

    13) kinda tall

    14) bad gas

    15) love

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  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    1. email

    2. myspace

    3. school

    4. chores

    5. hairy nose

    6. nose booger

    7. walk it out

    8. internet

    9. last name

    10. celeb

    11. N/A

    12. acne

    13. short

    14. gas

    15. love for myself

  • 1 decade ago




    5.hairy lip.

    6.eye booger.

    7.pop lock and drop it.


    9.last name.


    11.fine but poor bf.



    14.bad gas.

    ahh.i love these 'would you rather' game.

    i play it all the


  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    1. email

    2. myspace

    3. school

    4. 5 hrs. chorus

    5. hairy nose

    6. eye booger

    7. walk it out

    8. internet

    9. weird first

    10. meet a celeb

    11. fine but poor bf

    12. hair filled with lice

    13. short

    14. bad breath

    15. love

    If you think about it, some are easily cured where others are not so I would pick the easily curable ones.

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago




    5 hours of homework

    hairy lip

    nose booger

    walk it out


    last name

    president --not necessarily this one

    rich & ugly bf/gf

    face filled with acne


    bad breath


  • dawn
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    1 decade ago

    1. Text

    2. Myspace

    3. At school

    4. 5 hours of chores

    5. NOSE (clip them out)


    7. Walk it out

    8. Internet

    9. Last

    10. CELEB (no one wants to meet an @ss

    11. Fine, but poor boyfriend

    12. Lice (they have shampooo to get rid of it, acne is hard)


    14. Gas(go to the bathroom)

    15. LOVE!

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    Text, neither, I'm a guy, chores, eye booger, pop lock and drop it, internet, first name, celeb, fine but poor gf, lice, tough choice, bad breath, love

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