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Do real men two-time?

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    A real man is one who treats a woman with respect. Treats her like a lady. A real man will help her when she needs it. A real man may notice a good looking lady but will stick with the one he has. A real man will do whatever it takes to provide, care, honor, and love the woman he choose.

    So to answer your question, a real man wouldn't cheat, lie, steal, or cause you to mistrust him in anyway. He wouldn't have to, because a real man would have the woman of his dreams.

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    Don't listen to kat, as she didn't read your question right or has no knowledge about it. To answer your real question of Do real men cheat? No a REAL man will never cheat.

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    if there is a reason, good or wrong, anything is possible.... the key thing is to know your guy and try your best to not allow a reason for this to happen.... unless he is just an @sshole...

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    no real man will cheat, just an insecure, self centered, narcissistic man.

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    Generalizations are a bad idea (except for that one, about generalizations =D).

  • Anonymous
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    all men have it in them and from my experience all the guys in my life have,(my dad,my moms boyfriend,my boyfriend and every guy I know that isn't gay has.

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    No, I never have.

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