how can i personally save the coral reefs and ocean?

i am going green also and i have now realized what we need to do into making this earth better


im only 13

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    You could write to your state representative and tell him/her that you would like to do something about this. Hopefully, if they are a nice person, they will help you out. I learned in my government class this year that state representatives are generally very helpful people.

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    Write to representatives in your local, state and national levels. But when you write dont sound like as if you believe the government must do everything to save the world. Use logical arguments. Take into account how your plans will effect business in the area. The problem is many protestors seem "crazy" or "out of touch". Of you are able to put forth ideas that show the positives of saving the Earth, but also take into consideration the effects on business you'll seem A)Smarter and B)you'll have a better chance to be listened to.

    Which sounds better?

    A)What is going on is crazy. Our government is dileratly killing our oceans and coral reefs. We need to impliment this million dollar idea. Also we need to mandate, drastic life change.


    B)If we continue down our current path our Earth will be destroyed. However we do have ways of saving it. We should all have the new energy efficent lightbulbs in our homes by 2010. These new light bulbs cut down on energy costs, both for the home owner and our electric companies. These lightbulbs will also aid business as they will desire to produce the best energy efficent lightbulbs.

    By showing how your idea will save the Earth but will not harm the economy you come across as a concerned, goal oriented citzen who is educated.

    Also you can do little things to save the envirnment, like turing lights off when not in use, get your parent to buy energy star items.

    Most importantly, do research to find out about issue and what you can do. Write to representatives. Keep in mind the economic impact of things you want done, when convincing people that your right.

    Source(s): Someone who loves Big Business, but is open to ideas, WHEN presented logically.
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    Become a politician as they are the only ones with the real power to do something about it. Short of that I suggest educating yourself about biology and maybe seeking a career in science.

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    Tell everyone you know (or can tell) to stop using fertilizer on their lawns and then watering them to death. Agricultural run-off creates algae bloom which kills off the coral. Help also by only buying organic food (no chemicals used). Also, if you scuba or skin dive, DON'T TOUCH ANYTHING!!!! It kills the coral

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    you could get lots of people to start an organization and you can like pick up litter around the beach and the ocean

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    wow, that's so great!

    i suppose you can get involved with your local community environmental outreach programs...maybe even start a group at your school?

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