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The Best Pet for me?

I need help finding the best dog for me?

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    The first question is - Where and in what do you live? If you live in a really hot country, then a thick-coated Malamute wouldn't be a good choice. Similarily, a hairless Chinese Crested Dog would not be too comfortable in northern Canada or Russia!

    And if you live in an apartment, you wouldn't want a yappy terrier or a huge great dane.

    If you have a large house, or lots of property, your choices for the right breed are vast - any breed will fare well in a large, roomy house.

    A very important question is - how much exersice, TRULY, can you give your dog? If you are a very busy person, and can only go out for about 20 min a day, you should lean towards a toy breed. An energetic Border Collie would be unhappy if it didn't get enough exersise.

    How much grooming would you be willing to give your dog? Some breeds, like Poodles and Schnauzers, need a few hours of grooming a week. If you are also busy, these breeds wouldn't be good. Also, if you don't enjoy intensive grooming, you should get a short-haired breed such as a smooth dashchund, or an italian greyhound.

    Do you want a gaurd dog? You should try getting a dog than has natural protection instincts, such as a Doberman, Bullmastif, or a Pit Bull terrier.

    To narrow down your search, you can try numerous 'dog breed' quizzes. These quizzes show a selection of breeds which match your criterea.

    Here are some good good breed quizzes:

    Good luck!


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    If you want a small dog, get a Maltese. Small, Sweet and Smart. If you want a larger dog, get an English Springer Spaniel. A very loyal and smart dog....The only down side to these dogs is they need to be groomed and brushed. Otherwise, they are terrific dogs. Also a Shiz Tuz is great. Hope this helps

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    I've got two dogs and there nothing alike.

    Peewee the Pomeranian- he loves to curl up next to you on cold winter days. peewee looks like a fox, enjoys caned dog (food because he's old.) Loves to go for walks, enjoys attention, and hates crowds.

    Nugget the Shitzu- won 1st place in a cute dog compation. she loves to play, likes dry dog food, likes walks, playing fetch, and she likes dress up.

    Cocoa the mutt- a supper hyper pup who ran away due to leaving the door open.

    Shadow and Dark the labs- one is some what playfull but is shy and the other is so playfull that she tramples you. these make good gard dogs.

    Blondie- this was my mom's dog. she was bright blonde I belive she's a mutt. shes just like peewee but bigger and she likes dry dog food.

    note- some of these belong to my friends, cousins, parents, etc.

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    do u have room for a big dog? this is important as they need lots of space to run around and can u handle a big dog on a leash? as for breeds mutts are my favorite my late dog charlie who just passed away was a shepard beagle mix i adopted 12 yrs ago at the columbus oh pound. he was abused by previous owner and it took some time for us to bond but it was worth it he was the bestest dog i ever had. loyal devoted good with cats and children these are other ans. to your question will it be around cats children etc. some dogs hate cats others adore them its hard to know which until you put them together. if its a breed of dog i am fond of mixed breeds or mutts as they are called.

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    You have absolutely nothing that you are looking for in a dog?? Dont' care about coat, size, or anything else?? You should research more, learn more about dogs and open your eyes and look around, find a breed that appeals to you.. You have to have a few breeds that kinda catch your eye.

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    if you go to the animal shelter they most have it were they try to match up a dog to who and what you need. and you save a life at the same time.. it is wonderful finding a pet.. to me i been given all of my pets.. they come to me by way of people dumping them and i find them hunger and i feed them.. i could not live my life with a pet in it..

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    look at your personality and then talk to a breeder/shelter/pet store owner about what you like to do and what breed of dog would make sense for some one like you. for example:

    say you are playful fun energetic, work at home person.

    dog: a puppy, or a beagle or golden retriever.

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    Depends on your personality and want kind of dog you want you know, big, small, medium.

    But the dog that I like is a pomeranian and a chihuahua!

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    They will list all the dogs, puppy to old dogs

    The prefect dog is there for you

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