for men but women can read. i really need to know, how you think!?

i am tired of the stereo typing. I have been married for 2 1/2 years but we have been together for 4 years and i really have some questions:

1 when you see another woman do you compare your wife to them?

2 what would make you fall out of love with your wife.

3. if your wife does things like use the bathroom in front of you, or if she passes gas. does that make her less attractive.

4 if you share everything with each other, does the mystery and attraction fade.

5. what do you really want out of a relationship?

6. How can we get a point across to you without nagging you.

7. are you as critical about our looks and our size as we are?

8 what is it about your spouse that you love the best?

9 what is the biggest misconseption that women have about you.

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  • Jared
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    1. Men are very much attracted to the physical, and people in general love to look at beautiful people. While I would not compare you to a random stranger, don't take offense if you see me glancing at someone else; we're not secretly desiring them over you. Men remain physical cretaures even after marriage. So, try to keep yourself fit, healthy. Try to dress up every once in a while just for your husband so he doesn't forget how you looked on your wedding day.

    2. Two things: She stops taking care of herself or has an affair.

    3. Yes it does, use the rest room. We want you to be feminine. Nothing attractive about those things. your husband shouldn't be farting in front of you either.

    4. No it doesn't.

    5. life long marriage

    6. If you want us to the trash out, ask. If we don't do it, you take it out; we'll get the hint.

    7. Your efforts at staying healthy or beautiful don't go unnoticed. God designed women to want to appear beautiful. God designed men to love your beauty (since we're ugly ourselves). As long as you don't neglect your body b/c you're married, we'll be happy. Dress up, use prefume, remind us that we didn't marry a man and that's all we want.

    8. Friendship (and the sex!!)


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    Before I answer, I would tell you that you are focusing on the superficial stuff only.

    1. No. That's the last thing I'd do. I already knew my wife was no Bo Derek when I met her but so what. Other women are for visual entertainments-- free shows. What's that have to do with the wife.

    2. Affairs, nagging, and stupid suspicions

    3. No. Because I do the same thing except the most obviously private activities. People do "worse" things when they go camping. That's our body at work. Only superficial women still think their poop don't stink

    4. I don't use her tampons, toothbrush and under-garments so I suppose the mystery is still there. It is still a mystery to me why she spends 30 minutes torturing the mirror every day and a full Sunday shopping for things to return the next day.

    5. Marriage is 1+1 larger than 2. Building a family needs a man and a woman. Both will get something out of it. But marriage is part of life and life is not honeymoon every day. There are a lot of mundane things going on in life and marriage.

    6. Men are mainly logical. Tears and emotions don't work for us. We don't know how to guess. We respond to a list of actionable items, things that can be undertaken from start to finish.

    7. A mature man should be able to tell the shape of his potential mate at the time of attraction. He'd be dumb if he claimed to have no idea. So if size and shapes are really that important to him, a man should include that into account a long time ago. But women are their own worst enemies, not men. You see men can walk around with their facial scars or a patch over 1 eye. How many women you know can do that?

    8. That she is not a man and I am not gay

    9. Women think men are dumb and have no taste. Women try very hard to prove they have been wronged by men but often get themselves in a loss/loss position. Our fathers taught us to think big and overlook the petty "womanly" stuff. We can actually forgive and forget on most things but the wives never do and dwell on the littlest things they lose sleep on. And we are expected to fight for our country and provide for the family. But the women keep distracting us by putting their needs ahead of the country and the family-- ask any soldiers.

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    Amanda these are my husbands answers 1# no 2# cheating 3#No 4# No 5# vitrupous woman 6# Actions 7# my wife is beautiful the way she is 8# personality,and love making 9# That I am Easy

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    1. we do not compare our wives to other women. sometimes it is hard not to notice other women, but a gentleman NEVER acts on this

    2.the thing that would make a man fall out of love with his wife is lies, deceit, making him feel inadequate, and not taking care of herself physically

    3.we do not use the toilet or pass gas in front of each other on a regular basis. it does happen, and when it does it is comical. but it is not a daily occurance.

    4.I had been in a previous relationship where the woman went too into detail about her exes, and the attrraction instantly faded

    5.i want a partner, a best friend, soemone to accompany me

    someone that I love- someone to laugh with! ( i have all that and more!)

    6.that is something we are working on.... somethings don't get done right away- but are in process!!

    7.about looks and size- I have heard when women marry, they want to change a man....when men marry, we want women to stay the same. If you are fit, take care of your nails, wear pretty clothes and makeup- after we marry you we don't want you to become overenthusiastic about going to McDonalds and gain alot of weight, slack off on wearing makeup and getting the hair done, and start wearing sweatpants.That is false advertising. Women are the same way about money...if you have alot when they marry you, then you become a pauper...they will 86 you quick.

    8. she is pure, she is a nice and beautiful woman that loves me so much

    9.that I haven't been with a lot of women.

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  • 1 decade ago

    When u have unconditional love for someone sometimes it doesn't matter what they do in front of you as far as pass gas and things like that but looking at another woman or man when were together in public and just doing it cause you think u can get away wit it oh no!! That's unexceptable in my rule book cause i have a high level of respect for myself and others thru the Lord who strengthens me. Thanks for trying to contact me just drop me a line at my email and when i get a chance i'll send you some emails. I just had a very stressful day. Have a Blessed Night!!

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    1. yes, i would compare to see how lucky i am.

    2. trying to change and control

    3. its a put off but doesn't make her less attractive

    4. it actually will be better for relationship (personal experience)

    5. fulfillment

    6. say it when we are relaxed, and don't just make it a point, make it a discussion.

    7. to a certain extent, not coz we want models, but we care for you.

    8. her eyes

    9. i don't get angry!

  • Odie
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    1 decade ago

    1 No

    2 Cheating

    3 No

    4 Nope

    5 It's not what I want out of it, it's what can I put into it

    6 Don't Nag (however it is acceptable to remind)

    7 Nope

    8 Her, it's everything about her that I love

    9 I don't know, nor do I care. The only woman's opinion of me that matters is that of my wife's.

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    Unfaithfulness (but not going to happen)

    No (why? It's natural)



    Just tell me

    Positively not

    Her feminism

    That I'm even remotely available

  • fin73
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    1 decade ago

    2.her mother wanting to control our reltionship

    3.gas is a natural thing but please close the door when going. honset

    6.tell us directly.

    7.I am.

    8.putting up with me. not know.

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