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cleaning my rice cooker?

some idiot put my rice cleaner up and it must have been wet becuase i just got it out and theres mold in it.the inside where it gets hot like where u take the cooking pot out is moldy it says beware of eletric shock.sooo how do i celean that part inside without ruining the inside?thank you for any answers.


Also i dont want to use any chemicles either and i dont want the rice cooker when its on to burn the chemicles if i miss some.thanks

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    you may want to try to use a sponge and lemon juice or vinegar to clean it letting it air dry completely before using it or putting it away. Be sure sure it is unplugged before washing any component of it.

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    You will not want to saturate the inside with water but take wet paper towels and lay them on the inside if there is dried on gubers or gently rub baking soda to scour out the mold. But make sure you are unplugged and you will not have about electric shock. Make sure you let the cooker sit for a few day after cleaning to make sure it is really dry.

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    Any thing I have with a electric cord I always put in hot suddy water...I rinse well...then put on drain a day before I use it again.

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