Is talking about race the same thing as being racist?

I am a student who studies race and how different societies construct it. I've posted a few questions about race on yahoo answers to this effect that have been removed. I'm trying to figure out how to address my questions in such a way that people will understand my intent is not to offend, but to find out how other people think about race. Is this possible to do on this site? Do you know of another forum where such discussions can be held? Thanks for your thoughts.

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    Listed below are some great web site groups which

    have discussions on the topic of "race" without being

    reduced to behavior which would be seen as 'racist'. :D


    You are advised to avoid groups like -- as, it is a site which

    is openly dedicated to 'racist' ideology.

    Hope that this information is of interest /

    help and that you have a great day. :D


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    Well, when you ask questions like's obvious that people who answer this question are going to begin throwing there racist comments in. I mean, I asked a question about race too..and then someone from the KKK answered!!All I did was report there abuse.

    Also, they will always be someone of that race who is offended...and think you're a racist bigot when all you want to do is understand!

    If you want to ask a question about race...

    (1) Make sure you ask it in a way that doesn't imply you already have a negative answer and you're waiting on some other people to agree...

    (2) Everytime someone answers you're question and expresses there offense..add details to your question addressing that person..clarify that you just want to get a better understanding so others will know you are no racist..

    (3) Start out your question by what you started out in this question: "I'm a student who studies race and how different societies construct it.

    (4) Take of you're picture and go undercover..don't even leave you're avatar there with a shadow of whether you're a male or female..put a ball..or bat..or some kind of image in your place...therefore they won't know what race you are. People don't answer with a pre-conceived idea about you. They tend to understand more when someone of there own kind asks a question about them..

    Also, this is the best form of social research

    (5)Address the race: HISPANICS ONLY/BLACKS ONLY/WHITES ONLY/ASIANS ONLY: (insert question here)

    They know more about there own race than anyone else!

    And trust me..they WILL be honest about how there culture is..and less bias

    Source(s): Have done social experiments too!
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    Dscougar, it's okay as long as you insult Black people. If you say the slightest thing about any other race, you'll have your account suspended.

  • if you talk about race in a non-offensive way, It is considered to not be racist, If you talk about it in a offensive way, then it is considered racist

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