Access permissions ws2003?

Can an expert answer me [ specifically ] by steps (((( how can I give access permissions to the clients from windows server 2003 ent. ed. ))) I badly need an answer for this (only) - thank you.

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    In general,

    You need to first define whether you're talking about local access (sitting in front of the Server or using a remote desktop application) or a network connection.

    You then need to define what your network security is... Workgroup or Domain?

    I'll assume based on your sketchy request that you want to provide client access to a network share in a Workgroup environment.

    1. The Server and client machines must be configured for the same Workgroup

    2. On the Server, create an account for each User and ideally assign Users with similar access to a common Security Group. Although it violates proper security, SysAdmins often create Account credentials on the Server to be the same Users are configued with on their client machines (It's a basic reason why Domains are better than Workgroups).

    3. Configure your Network Share. You can configure Share permissions but I generally recommend leaving Share permissions completely open but restrict based on NTFS (file) permissions.

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    Please be a little more specific. When you say clients do you mean users?

    When you say give access do you mean creating the accounts of you've already created the accounts?

    I hope this is close enough, I'm not sitting in front of one of my servers at the moment but I do this fairly often so it should be pretty accurate.

    I'll assume you have not created accounts:

    start -> control panel -> administrative tools -> computer management -> users and groups -> users

    Click on file in the menu, click new user, create the user w/ username and password. The user is now created. right click on the user select properties. Here you can select what type of group the user is in. They can be in multiple groups. If you need remote access click add -> find now -> select the remote connection (something like that) and add it. They should now have remote access.

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