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Should America annexx Canada.?

America should annexx Canada. They have land, oil and resourse's. Why waist time in Iraq. America and Canada would be a powerhouse that China could never over take. We should take Canada now!

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    This isn't the answer you would want. So it is not likely to "win" best answer. But you just gotta get a straight answer.

    You could try to "Annex" which is a pretty way of saying invade, but then you would have a lot of very angry Canadians with open access to the US. Instead of an enemy across the ocean you would have a mortal enemy on your doorstep. And it would be a bloody protracted conflict which would end it the defeat and total collapse of the USA.

    Worse you would create an enemy who was a totally friendly nation for almost two hundred years. It appears you know nothing of Canada. Time to learn. You will find that most of the Canadians were at one time Americans.

    Some are the descendants of the Tory Militia exiled from their lands in the British colonies. Some are descended from Confederate refugees. They carry that history within their bones and mine. Its best to be friends and leave it at that.

    Besides if you can check your political situation reports you would find that basically USA, Canada, and Mexico are already signatories to the NAFTA which is a single economic entity still more powerful than China. So much for the powerhouse conjecture for it is already powered. Surprisingly it is the USA that is the weak sister in this partnership. Its lack of ambition, productivity and creativity hampers the potential evolution of this powerhouse.

    The last time the USA invaded its neighbors was at the Bay of Pigs. Now lets see what happened. Thats in Cuba. So a bunch of scrawny, hungry, commies beat the crap out of the US CIA led invasion force. That's in the history books go check. History is not on the side of the USA.

    Indeed lets take a look at the valiant history of unilateral American action. Viet Nam, Somalia, Afghanistan (Osama is still on the loose), Iraq, Cuba and yes Canada.

    Every single invasion of Canada by the US military has ultimately failed. Why? Because Canadians must fight to the death with their backs against the wall. So attacking a cornered bear is not a good idea no matter the numerical statistics. On the event of an invasion it isn't Canada that must protect a 4000 mile border it is the USA. Canadians know that they can't protect the length of the border, so the strategy will be destruction and total guerrilla war. In Brock's name, We will never surrender.

    There isn't enough military in the United States to secure every cross road, every alley in Canada. Even if it could, it would have to pay for that force to stay in place for the next thirty years. Ask yourself do you want to pay for an armed police force of over a million men in the middle of a Canadian winter. If so come on in. Especially when there is no need for war.

    Also you must ask yourself. To get that country totally secure the US Government would have to reinstitute the draft. Oh what a treasure trove of death, the absolute pleasure a Canadian guerrilla would have slice the pale white throat of those green reluctant American guards in the dead of an Arctic night. Splashes of red on a white snowbank, the art, the art....

    Oh no Canadians would kill black American soldiers, they're cool. If they know that they are safe, then the Canadian guerrilla would be safe. In a war, its who you can trust.

    You want to send your son, your daughter on a frigid cold mission to quell a small peaceful country into needless and oppressive subjugation. Such a demonstration of courage and sacrifice. American soldiers will stand guard on those country road corners on the bleak white scape of a Canadian prairie while eyes seek out their weakness. And there is always a weakness in every defensive strategy, always. Seeking that moment, selecting the weak and quietly moving through the snow and sending that Yankee on a one way ticket to Arlington. Thank you for assisting to create that wonderful vision. Red paint on the pure white snow.

    The fault of diminishing economic power lies solely with the United States Government which wrongfully and pigheadly went to war in Iraq. This is a huge drain on the US treasury for which there is no compensatory economic benefit, none in the future and none to be anticipated.

    Second revise your information. China is a net importer of oil and coal. The US still has reserves of both.

    Oh so come on. Oh you are rethinking this idea. Too bad then. Always did like a good long furball. Still amigos.

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    Why in the hell do you think Canada would want to be annexxed by the USA?

    And what is this about China taking over? China has no interest in imperialistic adventures, they stopped doing that almost 60 years ago. Where they are winning is in the market place and even if Canada and the USA teams up to take on China, China will still woop their azzzes simply because their cost of living and labor is far, far cheaper and they have a labor pool of 800 million.




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    No way . Canada is a wonderfull country pure and free from the vile grime poison that is America with its greed and corruption and self destructive democracy.

    Canada is a wondefull country and it is better off without American influences.

    ,,,knowing Americans they would probably annex with Mexico to solve the illegal immigartion dilemma than anything else. America exploits whatever it can for the sake of money and mexicans are the new "slave"s to be exploited. Today i heard that congress wants to legalise the millions of illegals working in the USA they would rejuvenise SOCIAL SECURITY PROBLEM AND PAY THE WELFARE BENEFITS FOR THE "BABY BOOMERS" ,,,I mean what is that????

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    LOL! That's relatively fascinating. I could need to say, that if you happen to comprise Mexico and Central America with the U.S, then i could suppose so. But I do not suppose that you can uncover that the Geography books will consider you

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    I don't think you can just declare/annouce you're going to annex another country, without war. Unless you own freaking sharks with laser beams attached to their freaking heads. Why would America want to attack China anyway? If you screw up my local Chineese buffet, I'm going to come looking for you, #2. America will take their independence beyond oil, by the way. If America defeated the British, they will defeat oil, but the oil will run red before it runs dry!

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    Annexx? No. However, the overt unification of America and Canada would be a fabulous idea. For all intents and purposes Canada is already the fifty first state. We receive virtually unlimited cooperation from Canada on every front. From border security to water use. The Canadians should demand unification and appropriate representation in Washington (Congressmen and Senators).

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    Bush doesn't even know where Canada is.

    During his first election, a comedy channel in Canada put in a call to Bush's headquarters to let him know that Prime Minister Poutine was backing him. Bush actually called the comedy channel back, thinking it was reality, and thanked Prime Minister Poutine for his backing.

    Poutine are a very French Canadian thing. It's cheese curds that they put on french fries. Bush and his team are *real* thinkers, eh? NOT!

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    Imperialism is the root of all evil.

    You Yankee imperialists tried that in 1812. Your aggressor butts got kicked back to where you came from.

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    We can do this by treaty...Canada should be a part of the USA. Manifest Destiny all over again.

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    You've tried twice already.

    Both times, you were slaugtered by the British.

    Is America ready for round three?

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